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41172e86-1e23-4e97-a409-76b449eed44c-image_upload-gene@wyldresearch.com-WyldMesh_Colour.jpgWyld Mesh EDEN is an Emergency and Disruption Alert Network for Public Transportation.

Wyld Mesh EDEN provides sustainable data distribution in the event of Internet Outages, Power Failures, Terrorist Incidents, Natural Disasters, and Cyber Warfare.

Wyld Mesh EDEN is a new approach to Control communications and Passenger and Staff Information distribution, during disruption and emergency scenarios. It is a next generation, unified information capture, curation and communications portal for emergency and disruption information alerts, for passengers and staff on all Customer Information Systems channels.

The Wyld Mesh hybrid network combines a real time Internet data stream, with software-defined, device-to-device ad hoc mesh networking, providing the most robust communications topography possible. Wyld Mesh delivers up-to-the-minute emergency and disruption information that is personally relevant and provides passengers with actionable transportation options and alternate routes.

Website: www.wyldresearch.com

Twitter: @wyldtechltd

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/wyld-technologies


7. Waterfall-1.pngSince 2007, Waterfall Security has developed and deployed Unidirectional Security Gateway products that eliminate the threat of remote online attacks penetrating critical infrastructure and industrial control systems. Our innovative, patented Unidirectional Security Gateway enables safe and reliable IT/OT integration, remote access and monitoring and diagnostics, and advanced cloud services. Waterfall Security’s mission is to revolutionize the way rail systems protect their OCSZ systems from cyberattacks. Our products are recommended as cybersecurity best practices by many regulatory and governmental agencies, including the UK Department for Transportation. Waterfall’s gateway solutions are provided ‘off-the-shelf’, with integral support of the market’s widest array of industrial systems, including the OSIsoft PI™ Historian and many others.

Website: www.waterfall-security.com

Twitter: @WaterfallSecure

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/201558/

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