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Celduc Relais

celduc® relais has been specialising in power electronics for more than 50 years.  Highly specialised and paying special attention to total customers’ satisfaction, celduc® relais supplies the most demanding industrial companies in terms of technical and quality requirements with Solid State Relays, Celduc® Relais main activity, proximity magnetic sensors and Reed relays and switches.

Innovative and efficient, Solid State Relays made by celduc® relais are used to control all kinds of loads in many different applications calling for reliability, silent operation and very long life span. On rolling stocks SSR are mostly used in HVAC systems where ruggedness, reliability and performance are paramount. All products comply with EN50155 and EN45545 railways standards. SSR are used as well in railway infrastructure applications such like signalling or switch point de-icing systems.

Magnetic sensors are used to monitor and check levels, movements, positions, safety on doors or protection hoods, and calculate RMP for gear … As a result of their high reliability, one can find them in numerous domestic as well as industrial applications.

Through its professional network of partners, both distributors and agents, Celduc® Relais is present in more than 50 countries, exporting almost 70 % of its production made in France.  With a solid industrial strategy, a fully mastered production equipment, experienced men and women motivated to make the best products in the world, Celduc® Relais is now at the leading edge in its field, all over the world.

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Huber Suhner

Providing excellence in connectivity solutions: The HUBER+SUHNER Group is a leading international manufacturer of electrical and optical interconnectivity components and systems. As a Connected Mobility and kitted solutions provider, we combine technological capabilities in the three core fields of Radio Frequency, Fiber Optics and Low Frequency. Our large portfolio of mobile antennas and RF components, Databus cables, fiber optic cables and connectivity management systems, traction cables and inter-vehicle jumpers have been designed specifically for deployment in both on-board vehicle and trackside railway networks. Our cables meet rigorous global standards including NFPA 130, EN45545, and GOST. No other company delivers the knowledge and experience in optimizing link budgets and system performance for rolling stock, stations and tunnels, trackside and control centers with over 30 years of successful global installations.

Assure your network reliability with our ruggedized rail-approved products, coupled with our global expertise and experience equipping trains and busses with the interconnect components needed for the successful deployment of broadband technology. Our low smoke, zero halogen railway wire and cables are optimized to improve ease of installation and optimal performance, from single core power cables, to multicore signal and fiber cables, to customized cable assemblies that meet the highest standards of fire safety and electrical performance. Kitted solutions can greatly lower cost of installation, including the elimination of fiber splicing in trackside networks utilizing pre-terminated Masterline® Hybrid Fiber Optic solutions. Increase space efficiency for Control Centers with LISA® fiber cabinet technology.

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Fireaway Inc.


Stat-X® fire suppression systems is a potassium aerosol technology providing safe and superior fire suppression with remarkable reductions in weight, space, and maintenance.  Applications include enclosed special hazards such as: vehicle engine compartments, electrical rooms, and machinery spaces.

The Stat-X First Responder® is hand deployed for emergency first responders. The Stat-X brand is made in the USA and approved for normally-occupied spaces. It is environmentally friendly, does not deplete the ozone depletion, and has a very low (GPW) global warming potential. For more information visit








                       Kockum Sonics AB 





                      Gummi Metal Technik 



                       Unipart Rail - T&RS

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                   Forbo Flooring Systems

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                       Berghof Automation


                       ModuTram (Mexico)

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