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MTR Academy

mtr academy.jpgBacked by nearly 40 years of MTR internal training capabilities, the MTR Academy was established in 2016 with an expanded scope of service to include rail operators and authorities.

The mission of the MTR Academy (MTRA) is to train railway talents and develop railway experts and executives with the aim of advancing service and operational excellence of the railway industry worldwide. The Academy’s expert faculty is made up of MTR executives and senior managers.

Customized Training Programme (CTP)

MTRA can tailor-make training curriculum to meet the talent and organizational requirements of individual railway operators and authorities.

Signature Corporate and Thematic Programmes

Foreseeing the increasing need for highly capable railway-related professionals, the MTRA offers 5 signature Corporate and Thematic Programmes uniquely designed to encourage interaction and networking amongst global executives and management.

  • Railway Executive Programme (REP) - for senior executives worldwide to make changes for overcoming present day challenges
  • Railway Professional Programme - Operation Management (RPP-OM) – for operators and managers of Operations Departments on achieving customer service and operation excellence
  • Railway Professional Programme - Asset Management (RPP-AM) for Engineers and managers of Technical Departments on reliability improvement, cost effectiveness and planning of new extension
  • Railway Talent Programme (RTP) - for emerging professionals and managers
  • Managing CBTC Projects (CBTC) – for signalling engineers and project managers with practical insights on CBTC, management of Brownfield and Greenfield project cycle

Programme details are available at www.mtracademy.com or email us at academy@mtr.com.hk.

Website: www.mtracademy.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mtr-academy

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