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Goldschmidt Thermit Group.

Whether for high speed, cargo, heavy haul, tram or underground rail networks: the Goldschmidt Thermit Group is a globally recognized and proven supplier of products and services for the construction, renovation, modernization and intelligent predictive maintenance of railway Goldschmidt thermit grouptracks. Our customers profit from the know-how of our experienced specialists, keep a firm grip on their lifecycle costs, and are optimally equipped to meet the challenges of the international railway infrastructure market!


With more than 120 years of experience in the railway sector we guarantee premium quality and excellent service. This acknowledged expertise is backed up by innovative and sustainable ideas for advanced technologies with digital interfaces to all key processes. We get together with our customers to develop tomorrow’s digital work site – today. Our clear commitment to digital work sites will in future allow us to interconnect processes, procedures, and tools in an intelligent, digital communication network giving you the highest possible precision, quality, and reliability when laying or maintaining tracks – and the longest possible lifetime. Take advantage of our unique range of products and services for more safety, reliability and availability of your railway tracks.

For more information: www.goldschmidt-thermit.com

Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/GTLeipzig 


2GetThere.pngAs the leading supplier of automated vehicle systems 2getthere develops, markets, implements and operates sustainable automated vehicle systems. Our vision is to accommodate sustainable mobility for people, planet and profit. We provide efficient, high quality, certified and tailored transport solutions, building on 25+ years of technological development and experience gathered through multiple projects worldwide, in various and demanding situations.

The systems are ideally suited as feeder systems to both public transit nodes and parking facilities. Alternatively they can also be used as local transit systems, connecting facilities within a certain location (e.g. within a business district).

Applications currently in operation include the ParkShuttle at business park Rivium in the Netherlands www.2getthere.eu/projects/rivium-grt/) and the PRT system at Masdar City, United Arab Emirates www.2getthere.eu/projects/masdar-prt/).  

2getthere is a corporate member of the Advanced Transit Association (ATRA) and founding member of its Industry Group. Recently 2getthere has set up a joint-venture with SMRT in Asia and UTS in the Middle East (www.2getthere.eu/smrt-and-uts-investment/).

For more information please visit: www.2getthere.eu 

Twitter: @2getthereBV LinkedIn: Company Community. Facebook: Company Page YouTube: TV Channel


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Cegelec Mobility


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