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Wi-Tronix supplies remote monitoring hardware and software to the global transportation industry. Our solutions include:

  • Web-based Event Recorder/OTMR real-time streaming data
  • Patented, universal remote Event Recorder/OTMR downloading
  • Patented inertial navigation system with three axis digital gyroscope and accelorometer
  • Predictive Maintenance for locomotive systems
  • Locomotive Video Surveillance
  • Visual Intelligence and analytics
  • Virtual Reality Operations Monitoring
  • Train Tracking and Operator Behavior Analysis
  • Energy Management Tools

With over 12 years of experience in system integration, our innovative product line is optimised to help rail operators combine their onboard systems, reduce costs, boost labour productivity, improve safety, and harness business-critical information. Check out our new product, Violet, to learn about utilizing all of these benefits and more from a single device onboard your locomotives. For more information please visit: www.wi-tronix.eu

Twitter: @WiTronix Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WiTronixLLC/ LinkedIn: Company Community. 


RAD is a leader in cyber-secure communications solutions for critical infrastructure used by rail and metro lines. Our Service Assured Networking (SAN) solutions include best-of-breed tools for mission-critical communications and seamless migration to packet switched networks and applications.

The SAN multiservice operational network ensures protected connectivity between stations and control rooms over multidrop and ring topologies. It supports automatic train supervision, centralized traffic control, SCADA, Teleprotection, multiparty hotlines, and passenger information systems by transporting TDM or Ethernet traffic, or both, over legacy and/or carrier-grade fiber optic infrastructure.

The SAN automation backhaul solution addresses communications to secondary locations and automation network integration. Featuring integrated IPsec, a SCADA-aware firewall and 802.1x, it delivers seamless communications over fiber, cellular links, leased lines, and point-to-multipoint licensed and unlicensed sub-6 GHz radio bands with dedicated bandwidth allocation and service level agreements (SLAs) per subscriber. It complies with IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 environmental standards.

The SAN wireless mobility solution supports bi-directional broadband connectivity for on-board video surveillance, infotainment and Wi-Fi using easy-to-deploy base stations and Ethernet access switches for high-speed trains above and underground. Ruggedized mobile units mounted on trains complete the solution by guaranteeing up to 100 Mbps in total throughput for seamless, high-capacity mobile video and data connectivity along the track at speeds of up to 300 km/h (186.4 mph).

Founded in 1981, RAD has an installed base of more than 15 million units and is a member of the $1.25 billion RAD Group of companies, a world leader in communications solutions. For more information visit: www.rad.com

Twitter: @RADdatacomms Facebook: www.facebook.com/RAD.Data.Communications

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ADLINK is a leading provider of building blocks and intelligent platforms for edge computing. Our Rugged by Design CompactPCI, computer-on-modules, industrial-grade system and panel computer product portfolio has been specifically selected for onboard ATO/DMI and wayside CTC/RBC/TSR railway solutions. ADLINK’s exceptional flexibility in customized design and manufacturing services has been utilized by top rail signaling providers worldwide.

ADLINK is a Premier Member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance and is active in several standards organizations, including the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG), the PXI Systems Alliance (PXISA), and the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies (SGET).

ADLINK is a global company with headquarters in Taiwan and manufacturing in Taiwan and China; R&D and integration in Taiwan, China, the US, and Germany; and an extensive network of worldwide sales and support offices. ADLINK is ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-13485 and TL9000 certified and is publicly traded on the TAIEX Taiwan Stock Exchange (stock code: 6166).

For more information on ADLINK, please visit www.adlinktech.com.

Klas Telecom


Klas Telecom’s TRX Connected Transportation Platform keeps passengers and operators connected to the resources and information they need through an onboard communications system that simplifies complex network management and enables integration of third party technology for market tailored solutions. TRX's converged gateway, server and router platform uniquely combines multiple wireless modems and best-in-class server functionality with the full power of Cisco Advanced Enterprise IOS routing to deliver data-center grade networking to rolling stock. TRX software simplifies complex network management and provides a connected transportation platform to the railway industry. This, combined with the TRX rail-certified Cisco switches, raises the standard for networking performance and security in the rail market.

For more information: www.klastelecom.com/trx/  Twitter: @klastelecom


Luceor is the pioneering developer of the WiMesh network technology which is now widely used to deploy high-performance outdoor wireless network infrastructures. Luceor’s WiMesh networks connect fast moving vehicles to the ground at 200Mbps and ensures instant handoffs even at 350km/h (220mph) with no packet or session loss. This unmatched performance paves the way for new applications and offers huge cost savings compared to cellular technologies. You can now offer new services to travellers (on board Wi-Fi, passenger information, etc.) and improve safety and operations (real-time video surveillance, VoIP intercom, etc.). 

Our WiMesh rail solution is designed for you to build your own mobile network and save on recurring fees. It does not require any government licences and can be easily installed on existing poles and inside tunnels. Our MeshTool Suite makes radio planning and network management ultra-easy. A WiMesh architecture is fully distributed so no mobility controller is required and there are no hidden train issues. It’s quite simply the most efficient option for deploying high-performance train to ground communication infrastructure. 

Luceor’s WiMesh technology is based on military networking concepts and further research and standardization done at INRIA and IETF. Local authorities, industrials, utilities, security forces and businesses around the World rely on Luceor WiMesh solutions to take their critical applications wherever they needed them: Tactical communications, SmartGrids, SmartCities, site security, train-to-ground communications for public transports, connected logistics and machinery. Luceor is a European network equipment provider based in Paris. For more information, please visit www.luceor.com.

Twitter: @LuceorWiMesh LinkedIn: Company Community Page. 

Fluidmesh Networks LLC

Fluidmesh Networks is the worldwide leader in wireless systems for transportation, security, industrial, and mission-critical applications. Fluidmesh extended its product portfolio introducing Fluidity, an innovative high speed mobility solution for any vehicle with a need for next generation network connectivity.

This innovative technology allowed the company to establish itself as a leader in the mobility space and to create a solid alternative to 3G/4G cellular solutions. Since then Fluidmesh has been selected as the technology of choice by a large number of system integrators looking for a solid backbone solution for trains, light rail systems, ferries, buses, police cars, and mining trucks.

Founded by a team of researchers and engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA and the Politecnico of Milan in Italy, Fluidmesh Networks serves its customers worldwide from its headquarters in Chicago, and from its European office based in Italy.

Every Fluidmesh product is embedded with this incredible amount of know-how and innovation, making Fluidmesh the wireless vendor of choice for many system integrators around the globe. For more information: www.fluidmesh.com 

Twitter: @Fluidmesh Facebook: www.facebook.com/fluidmesh 

Youtube: Fluidmesh Channel   Linkedin: Company Community    


Passengera provides Infotainment solutions for transport operators that build new channels of relationship between operator and passengers, open new revenue streams and new opportunities for Connected Vehicle solutions, with its innovative on board software platform. We focus on getting more out of using on-board Wi-Fi and provide more information about Passengers and their needs. Passengera could provide its Infotainment platform for monthly fee including hardware, software, content and support. We can also develop tailor-made Infotainment solutions based on custom needs.

Our modular platform include traditional modules like movies, music, games, e-books, route and schedule info, etc. but also interactive travel guide, survey module, notification system, online ordering food module, advertisement, etc. All served on user, time and GPS position basics.

Platform is screen device independent and could be available on any end user device, but also on fixed screens and DMS system. All managed centrally from Cloud. Optionally, Passengera could be delivered together with on board Wi-Fi and Internet connectivity. For more information: www.passengera.com

Twitter: @Pssngra  Facebook: www.facebook.com/Pssngra

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LILEE Systems

Lilee-ColorLogo-v1.jpgLILEE Systems delivers advanced wireless communications solutions for the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) market. Their high-reliability connectivity and mobile gateway platforms enable remote devices to harness the unique potential of LILEE’s T-Cloud services as well as third-party cloud service offerings. LILEE has a proven track record in designing, building and bringing to market highly dependable networking architectures and infrastructure. With established success and industry-leading innovation in connected transportation, LILEE provides integrated network support for fleet management, video surveillance, safety, real-time data analytics, and more.

Recognized in the top 200 companies on the prestigious annual Inc. 5000 list of the United States Fastest-Growing Private Companies, LILEE stands alone in providing best-in-class connectivity solutions. In addition, LILEE has partnered with leading IoT, networking, and systems integrators to expand their global reach beyond North America to Europe and Asia, with programs in transportation, retail, smart cities, and manufacturing. Reliability of the broadband link for data aggregation and diversity is essential to meeting customer expectations and service level commitments, and LILEE technology seamlessly integrates the latest Wi-Fi, LTE and LTE Advanced, broadband mesh network, and emerging connectivity protocols. Visit our website at www.LILEEsystems.com for more information or contact the team at sales@lileesystems.com or on +1 (408) 988-8672

Twitter: @LILEESystems LinkedIn: Company Communtity

Samsung Electronics



Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies. The company is redefining the worlds of TVs, smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, cameras, digital appliances, printers, medical equipment, network systems, and semiconductor and LED solutions. For the latest news, please visit the Samsung Newsroom. For more on Samsung's work in rail and metro: www.samsung.com/displaysolutions

Twitter: @SamsungBizEU YouTube: SamsungMonitorGlobal 

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

hpe_pri_grn_pos_rgb.pngHewlett Packard Enterprise is an industry-leading technology company that enables customers to go further, faster. With the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio, spanning the cloud to the data center to workplace applications, our technology and services help customers around the world make IT more efficient, more productive and more secure. For more information: www.hpe.com 

E-mail: railways@hpe.com


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