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Live from Innotrans: Innovation Diary Day #2.

Posted by Luke Upton on Sep 21, 2016

Innotrans_Bombardier_Transportation_1_Elektrischer_Triebzug_TALENT_3_Fancybox.jpgIn the second of our updates from Berlin, our Editor picks out just a few of the many highlights from another busy day at Innotrans, including the following innovations that have been announced and placed on show: 

  • Alstom and a zero-emissions train
  • Bombardier Transportation with Modular platforms for railcars and metro systems
  • IVU Traffic Technologies offering all the data in a single system
  • Nokia with an Integrated LTE network sufficient for communications on railway systems
  • Siemens delivering a regional and commuter train platform for mass transit systems
  • How Trimble are managing the life cycle of rail transport assets
  • AXIOMTEK Deutschland with their fan-less box PC for numerous applications 

Alstom and a zero-emissions train

Alstom has been working on all-new powertrain systems equipped with fuel cells for some time. The combination of hydrogen and oxygen produces electrical energy. This technology is already being employed in buses and cars. The company’s new train for servicing local regions will produce no emissions and very little noise. What is more its energy storage technology and energy management system will make it more efficient than a conventional diesel-powered locomotive. According to the exhibitor, the company’s existing range of services and long years of experience enable it to offer customers a comprehensive package that includes maintenance and a hydrogen filling station. In recent years Alstom’s technical innovations have resulted in up to 20 per cent lower energy consumption, depending on the type of train. For more visit Alstom in Hall 3.2 at Booth 308.

Live from Innotrans: Innovation Diary Day #3

Bombardier Transportation with modular platforms for railcars and metro systems

The new "TALENT 3" represents the next generation of Bombardier’s successful TALENT vehicle range. During the development of this modular vehicle platform great emphasis was placed on flexibility, low energy consumption and easy maintenance. This newly designed railcar is the perfect solution for Europe. It is equipped with ETCS and is compatible with European electric rail systems regardless of borders. TALENT 3 complies with TSI and EN standards and as such is approved for Europe-wide operations "BOMBARDIER MOVIA Maxx", the exhibitor’s new metro platform, was specifically designed for rapidly expanding cities all over the world. Based on a modular and flexible platform system, MOVIA Maxx can be individually adapted to operators’ requests and demands. The metro was specifically designed to offer optimum value-for-money in terms of passenger capacity, energy consumption, reliability and availability. Learn more at Hall 2.2, Booth 101.

IVU Traffic Technologies pffering all the data in a single system

Innotrans_IVU.jpgAll the data in a single system for fully digitised work flows: this is now available to transport companies with the “IVU.suite”. It covers planning and dispatch, operational control, ticketing and passenger information, all the way to final controlling. The modular, fully integrated system of software and hardware provides for a continuous work flow. The IVU.suite includes IVU’s leading optimisation algorithms, which allow transport companies to deploy personnel and vehicles in a much more efficient and cost-effective way than ever before. In particular they now model the features of rail traffic in much greater detail. The “IVU.pad“ for mobile use is another innovation. This digitises the workplaces of drivers and all other mobile employees. Current, personalised messages about duties and activities, important documents, timekeeping, training documentation and much more besides are always readily available. Learn more at Hall 2.1, Booth 404.

Nokia and an integrated LTE network sufficient for communications on railway systems

Nokia and RATP (Régie autonome des transports Parisiens) have conducted practical tests proving that an integrated LTE network is sufficient for the communications needed for operating a railway system. Instead of the hitherto employed range of different systems, including digital radio, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi communications, the Paris Metro Line 14, a fully automated line which meets all the RATP safety requirements, was operated using an LTE network. In addition to simulating train operations the test included video transmissions from trains and platforms, operator voice communications, multimedia information for passengers in trains and on platforms as well as vehicle monitoring for maintenance purposes. These practical tests showed that, using a single communications system such as LTE, it is possible to run the necessary applications as well as mobile internet for passengers. Find them at Hall 4.1, Booth 216

Siemens delivering regional and commuter train platform for mass transit systems

Mireo, the new regional and commuter train platform made by Siemens, was specifically designed to meet ever-growing transport demands and satisfies increasing requirements for performance, profitability, eco-compatibility, punctuality, safety and customer friendliness. The vehicle was desiSiemens_Regional-_und_Pendlerzug-Plattform_Mireo_Fancybox.jpggned as a scalable articulated train featuring trailing bogies with inside bearings. Due to its lightweight construction, energy-efficient components and intelligent on-board power management system energy consumption is reduced by 25 per cent. A driver assistance system also saves a further 30 per cent. 95 per cent of parts can be recycled. Various carriage lengths, train configurations, top speeds and entry heights can be specified. On- board internet, passenger assistance and information systems, onboard entertainment and CCTV are all integral to the Mireo concept. Learn more at Hall 4.2, Booth 203

How Trimble are managing the life cycle of rail transport assets

Informed by years of experience in the industry, the Trimble Railway Asset Solutions group (formerly Nexala) has developed an integrated suite of products specifically addressing the needs of the rail transport sector. Trimble’s rail asset life cycle management products represent software-as-aservice (SaaS) solutions that manage the lifecycle of rail transport assets from operation through maintenance and repair. The products being exhibited at the fair allow rail companies to plan for the future, improve operational efficiency, manage service levels and reduce costs while sustaining maximum performance. Customers using Trimble solutions to manage the life cycle of their rail transport assets include South West Trains, Eurostar, SNCF and Irish Rail. More at Hall 23, Booth 208

Live from InnoTrans: Innovation Diary Day #1.

AXIOMTEK Deutschland and a fan-less box PC for numerous applications

AXIOMTEK, a well-known developer of embedded systems and industrial PCs, has added a new box PC, the “tBOX810-838-FL”, to its range. This unit, which dispenses with a fan, is certified in conformity with ISO7637, EN50155, EN50121 and IEC60945. This makes it ideal for numerous applications in the transport sector, for example on the railways and in road vehicles, and on ships. The tBOX810-838-FL is extremely compact, weighing less than 800 g and measuring only 164 x 108 x 44 mm. The embedded system is available with a choice of either a 1.91 GHz E3845 Intel® Atom™ quad core processor or a 1.75 GHz E3827 Intel® Atom™ dual core processor. The tBOX810-838-FL can also be operated in an extended temperature range of -40 to +70 degrees Celsius and in a voltage range of 9 to 36 VDC. Learn more at Hall 4.1, Booth 211.

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