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Live from InnoTrans: Innovation Diary Day #1.

Posted by Luke Upton on Sep 20, 2016

Caf_at_Innotrans_.jpgIn the first of our updates from InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin, our Editor Luke Upton picks out a couple of highlights from a busy opening to the show. Today we focus on:

  • Škoda Transportation and their fully air-conditioned vehicle with visual information system.
  • Ansaldo STS with their 3InSat project completing successful tests.
  • CAF Signalling developing automatic train operation in Mexico (pictured right). 
  • Frauscher Sensortechnik with a new generation of live tracking.
  • STADLER and an electric multi-system multiple unit for improved travel comfort.
  • LILEE Systems Announces Breakthrough Fog Computing Gateways and Cloud Network Solution for Distributed, Mobile, and Industrial Enterprise Environments.
  • Klas Telecom who are simplifying complex network management. 

Škoda Transportation and their fully air-conditioned vehicle with visual information system.

The new “ForCity Plus” tram from Škoda Transportation has a capacity of 345 (including 69 seats). The fully air-conditioned vehicles are equipped with a visual information system, which also includes devices to enable blind passengers to communicate with the driver. A tilting platform facilitates entry and exit for passengers with restricted mobility. A system with six internal and six external cameras is installed to ensure passenger safety. The vehicles have a gauge of 1,000 mm and comprise five sections, and the first and last bogies are fully pivoting. In addition to the “ForCity Plus” tram this exhibitor is using InnoTrans 2016 for the international debut of its new double-deck multiple unit for push-pull operation by DB Regio, on the route Nuremberg - Ingolstadt – Munich in Bavaria. Take a look Hall 2.1, Booth 101 and at the Outdoor Display V/200, T5/40.

Ansaldo STS with their 3InSat project completes successful tests

Ansaldo_Innotrans.jpgThe tech company Ansaldo STS, an affiliate of the Hitachi Group, markets train control and signalling systems as well as integrated transport systems. On 29 June 2016 an ERTMS user group visited the ERSATT test track in Cagliari, Italy, and witnessed one of the first trials of the 3InSat project in Europe. This project, assigned to Ansaldo STS by the European Space Agency and supported by the Italian Space Agency, is a system based on ERTMS signalling standards which makes use of the "Location Determination System" (LDS), designed and implemented by the company itself. It also serves as a communication network based on TETRA, GSM and satellite technology. Following recent successes Ansaldo STS will be exhibiting LDS to experts from around the world at InnoTrans 2016 on its display in hall 4.2.

CAF Signalling and automatic train operation in Mexico

The Automatic Train Operation (ATO) system in combination with the Level 2 European Train Control System (ETCS) is due to be rolled out soon on the Mexican rail network. CAF Signalling will be unveiling this project, which is currently running on the new local transit system connecting Mexico City and Toluca, at InnoTrans. The new dual-track line is 58 km long and features 25 kV A/C electrification. There will be five stations along the line, and trains will travel the entire distance in 39 minutes. Once operations begin in 2018 this important local line is predicted to carry 270,000 passengers per day. CAF manages the consortium’s production of trains, on-board ETCS systems, the entire ATO system and the control centre. The company will also be supplying 30 trainsets capable of 160 kph and featuring a regenerative braking system. CAF can be found in Hall 3.2 at Booth 401.

Live from Innotrans: Innovation Diary Day #3

Frauscher Sensortechnik with a new generation of live tracking

Frauscher_Innotrans_.jpgThis Austrian exhibitor is using InnoTrans for the world debut of its "Frauscher Tracking Solutions FTS". The basis for this innovation is provided by Distributed Acoustic Sensing, a single solution that enables data about trains, persons and components on and adjacent to the railway line to be recorded, tracked and monitored in real time. This exhibitor is confident that FTS will significantly alter railway operations to a greater extent than any previous technology. This company, based in St. Marienkirchen, will also be using its booth in hall 25 at the fair to present innovative tools for its latest generation of axle counters, the "Frauscher Advanced Counter FAdC". The new Frauscher Alarming and Maintenance System FAMS provides railway operators with a compact solution for monitoring all their Frauscher axle counting components at a glance. The Frauscher Configuration Tool FCT offers system integrators new possibilities for speeding up configuration processes. Learn more at Hall 25, Booth 232.

STADLER and an electric multi-system multiple unit for improved travel comfort.

The highlight of the display by Stadler at InnoTrans is the presentation of the world's first series production, low-floor, high speed multiple unit. It has been built for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), which ordered eleven-car EC250 high speed trains from Stadler in October 2014. The electric multisystem multiple unit can reach speeds of up to 155 mph and have been granted TSI high speed certification. Step-free low floor access, air conditioned passenger compartments, multi-purpose and bicycle compartments and the latest gender-separate WC systems, which are user-friendly for families, senior citizens and people with limited mobility, ensure a comfortable travel experience. Other innovations include the FLIRT for the Netherlands, the EURODUAL locomotive for the United Kingdom, the VARIOBAHN for Aarhus/Denmark, the CITYLINK tram-train for Chemnitz/Germany and sleeping cars for Azerbaijan. Stadler is also presenting a 1:25 scale model of a design for the Berlin S-Bahn (light rail) for the first time. Find them at 2.2, 103, with the outdoor display T4/15, T4/29, T8/40, T4/43, T9/40, T9/42.

Live from Innotrans: Innovation Diary Day #2.

LILEE Systems Announces Breakthrough Fog Computing Gateways and Cloud Network Solution for Distributed, Mobile, and Industrial Enterprise Environments.

LILEE Systems provider of advanced mobile connectivity solutions and emerging innovator in cloud-based network solutions, announced today its new platform for mobile and fixed distributed enterprises, such as bus fleets and retail franchises, which includes multiple first-to-market capabilities. LILEE’s TransAir™ STS series gateways and T-Cloud platform enable organizations to more rapidly and reliably network, track, control and interact with their mobile and fixed assets to improve operations and reduce costs.

LILEE STS gateways offer multiple wired and wireless connectivity options and are installed in distributed assets, such as a bus or retail store. They include an onboard application engine that enables enterprise applications to run in a fog-computing architecture; i.e., integrating on-site and in-cloud computing.  LILEE T-Cloud is a cloud-based solution that provides network management, autoprovisioning and the ability for third-party software providers to integrate with STS gateways.  Connection to T-Cloud, via LTE-A, Wi-Fi or Ethernet, allows operators continuous remote access to IoT data, analytics, and the ability to perform critical asset management functions including zero-touch on-board application upgrades and configuration. Read more here and to meet the team behind this visit Hall 14.1, Stand 301 or contact

Klas Telecom who are simplifying complex network management

The TRX combinKlas_Innotrans.jpged transport platform from Klas Telecom brings passengers and operators in contact with the resources and information that they need from an on-board communication system. It simplifies complex network management and facilitates the integration of the technology offered by third parties in order to create commercially viable solutions. TRX offers a converged gateway, server and router solution with the full range of Cisco IOS Advanced Enterprise Routing to provide a networked data centre for rail vehicles. TRX software simplifies network management and offers an interconnected transport platform for the rail industry. As a result, and in combination with TRX rail-certified Cisco switches, this exhibitor can claim to have raised the standard for network performance and security on the rail market. Find them at 7.1b, 202.

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Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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