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Free Industry Guide – How mobile technology can deliver for operators and passengers.

Posted by Dave Songer on Jan 31, 2019

Industry Guide coverThe sustained development of mobile technology and its application in the rail and wider transport industry has brought about developments that, for many commuters, has changed how they complete and interact with their journeys. Today, millions of passengers around the world can complete entire journeys on different modes of transport using solely their smartphones – in turn removing the need for queuing and giving more control to the customer. Clearly though it’s not just the passengers that are seeing big improvements from making use of the latest technologies; the train operators themselves are able to run better, more efficient services that eases the burden on their staff, streamlines processes and, crucially, helps improve rolling stock reliability.

This latest Industry Guide from SmartRail World – How mobile technology can deliver for operators and passengers – takes a look at various examples of how this technology is being used in the real world to help change journeys for the better. Issue #33 is free to download now and includes news and features such as the messaging service that could change how operators communicate with passengers; the steps being taken around the world to drive mobile technologies further; and the app that makes networks safer for some of the most vulnerable members of society. We also feature editorials from two tech companies that ply their trade in this fascinating area, as they offer insights on some of the challenges that remain, how to mitigate them and what's being done to continue improving this fascinating technology.

Digital Guide contents: How mobile technology can deliver for operators and passengers.

Chapter 1. Apps, maps and safety – the power of data and how the rail industry uses it.

Chapter 2. All the right messages: a new way for operators to communicate with passengers.

Chapter 3. The Welcome accessibility app that gives a helping hand to those with dementia.

Chapter 4. Go mobile: solve ticketing challenges and become a data-driven transport business.

Chapter 5. Today’s smarter trains come with an Edge.

Chapter 6. The Last Word with… Val Scinteie of Kontron.

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Dave Songer

Written by Dave Songer

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