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Have your say! Brexit and the European rail industry.

Posted by Stephen Scott on May 10, 2016

Brexit.pngThe impending UK referendum on whether to remain in the European Union (EU) or leave, commonly referred to as the 'Brexit' vote is set for the 23rd of June. The outcome is expected to have huge long term ramifications and has created intense and often passionate debate on its potential results and the advantages of leaving or staying within the European Union. 

According to the latest polls, there is only a very small gap between the two sides at the moment. And here at SmartRail World, we want to hear from YOU on how a Brexit vote will affect the European rail industry or your work in it. We have put together a few questions which will take only a couple of minutes to answer (and can by anonymous).

We will then collate the feedback and publish the results in mid-June. From wherever you are; UK, Europe or even outside Europe we would love to hear your opinion on such an important issue.... 

In addition to helping shape an important industry discussion. We are also have free VIP tickets worth 2,015 to our SmartMetro show in Copenhagen in November to two of our readers who offer their thoughts. If you wish to enter the SmartMetro prize draw simply enter in your name and email address when giving your feedback.

You can also participate in the feedback anonymously (just don't fill in the name and email address fields) however you won't be eligible for the prize draw.

We look forward to your feedback and learning what the industry thinks! 

To give your feedback please click here.

Give us your feedback on Brexit and the European Rail Industry. 


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Stephen Scott

Written by Stephen Scott

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