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Free Intelligence Report: Delivering Rail Projects in Asia.

Posted by SmartRail World Staff on Jul 8, 2015

PwC_coverAsia is seeing rapid growth and urbanisation, and there is an increasing need to develop transport services to match. And rail is an increasingly viable option to meet the demand for both urban commuting as well as long distance travel. As a result there are numerous Asian railway projects in development or construction, representing billions of dollars in investment and spending. The cost of these rail projects, both the upfront land acquisition and construction, as well as the ongoing operations and maintenance, is considerable. Thus, Asian governments must carefully plan, structure and implement rail projects to ensure that they deliver value for money and transport policy objectives are met. This 12 page detailed industry report from the experts at PwC gives you expert insight into:

  • An overview of the major rail projects planned and under construction in the Southeast Asian region
  • A review of major issues to be resolved when delivering rail projects and key success factors for successful projects
  • The different types of rail systems that can be implemented
  • Different approaches to funding the cost of rail projects.

Download the Delivering Rail Projects in Asia report by clicking here.


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