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Free e-book: Eurasian rail and metro – seizing the opportunity.

Posted by SmartRail World Staff on Dec 9, 2015

Eurasia_EbooWe are proud to announce our latest industry intelligence publication - ‘Eurasian rail and metro – seizing the opportunity’ and offer you the first chance to download it. For free!

A new era is dawning for rail and metro in Eurasia. The regions rapidly emerging economies are increasingly look towards rail rather than road or air to transport people and cargo. Never before has there been such rapid development of transnational connectivity within the region or such potential for businesses within the sector. From Turkey in the west to China in the east, the development of new rail links within Eurasia are growing markets, weaving new relationships and offering huge business opportunities. Direct rail routes are faster and cheaper than cargo ships and trucks, and less costly than air transport. Whilst as highlighted recently at COP21 in Paris, rail is a great mode for sustainable and carbon free mobility. Regional problems of reliability and security are also being seriously addressed.


Turkish_RailAs a result of these developments, SmartRail World has dedicated its 14th e-book to focus on developments in Eurasian rail and metro. And the themes and some of the contributors of this e-book are a key focus of SmartRail Metro & Eurasia 26-27 January 2016 held at the Radisson Blu Hotel Istanbul Sisli in Istanbul, Turkey. This event is a unique business and development platform covering the entire value chain within Eurasia’s leading authorities, rail and metro operators, international contractors and solutions providers. It’s an event not to be missed, further details are within the e-book. 

Eurasian rail and metro – seizing the opportunity contents.

  1. Editor’s welcome
  2. Turkish rail receives further boost with €13bn investment announced.
  3. Project focus: Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway  
  4. Expert views: Transporting goods from Asia to the EU – What role for intermodality?
  5. Istanbul transport boom continues as two new metro lines planned
  6. Crossing Eurasia seen as key as Chinese predicts rail exports of $102bn by 2020
  7. EBRD arranges US$ 300 million syndicated loan for Kazakh Railways
  8. Introducing SmartRail Eurasia
  9. Meet the SmartRail Eurasia speaker
  10. SmartRail Eurasia Agenda in focus.

Download the free e-book now : Eurasian rail and metro – seizing the opportunity.

SmartRail & Metro Eurasia

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