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Free and exclusive magazine: Rail Asia

Posted by SmartRail World Staff on Oct 20, 2015

Untitled-9583049583101SmartRail World is proud to offer our readers an exclusive free 36 page edition of Rail Asia Magazine focussing on the latest regional rail developments as well as offering a preview of SmartRail Asia taking place next month in Bangkok. Packed full of stories from the ASEAN rail region it includes exclusive interviews with both the SRT and MRTA governors and a cover story reviewing mega-project investment.

The rail industry in Asia is experiencing a quantam-leap as far as current and ‘planned’ projects are concerned but what will these present to business and the people of the region? This magazine will investigate. And has a particular focus on Thailand where the government has confirmed a US$93 billion rail infrastructure spend by 2021, that will not only take Bangkok from 4 metro lines to 11, but kick-start an extensive rail network upgrade and introduce high-speed rail as well as triggering an inter-connected network through the region.

Download the magazine (written in both Thai and English) for free now by clicking here.

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