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February rail and metro tenders: who wants what and where?

Posted by Luke Upton on Feb 9, 2016

Glasgow_Queen_StreetIn the first of our monthly roundup of some of the biggest international rail and metro tenders we bring you details of potential major contracts from:

  • Ministry of Transport and Communications (Norway)
  • New South Wales government (Australia)
  • Chennai Metro Rail (India)
  • MTR Corporation Limited (Hong Kong)
  • Network Rail (UK)
  • Amtrak (USA)
  • And a cancelled one in Abu Dhabi...
Read more for the full list plus further information, key dates and contact details of this month's key rail tenders.

Who: Norway’s Ministry of Transport and Communications

What: The operation of passenger services on the national network – launched as part of the privatization of the network.

Dates: An invitation to tender will be issued to prequalified bidders early 2017 and Package 1 will be awarded in August 2017, while Package 2 is due to be signed by December 2017. Both contracts start in December 2018.

Further details: Tender 1 covers the Sørlandet, Jær and Arendal lines in Southern Norway. Tender 2 covers Trondheim – Bodø, Bodø – Rognan, Lundamo/Melhus – Stjørdal/Steinkjer, Dombås – Åndalsnes, Hamar – Røros, Røros – Trondheim, Trondheim – Storlien and Oslo – Trondheim services.

“The driving force behind the reform is the strong political aim to give the railway’s customers with better, improved rail services. Norway already has experience with competition in the public transport sector.” - Minister of Transport and Communications Ketil Solvik-Olsen 

More: Ministry Homepage 

Who: New South Wales Government, Australia.

What: A tender for 137GWh of renewable energy for its Sydney Metro Northwest rail project.

Dates: 29-Feb-2016 2:30pm

Further details: The purpose of the Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) is to identify: The optimal contract structure and pricing model for procuring Large Generation Certificates (LGCs) or LGCs and power to meet Sydney Metro Northwest's electricity and/or greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reduction requirements; and a shortlist of proponents that could meet Sydney Metro Northwest's LGC or LGC and power requirements from a NSW based renewable energy generating system connected to the National Electricity Market (NEM).

Contact: Max Rhodes (2 8574 3733/02 8574 2297) 

More: Tender Page on Ministry Website 

SmartRail Europe 2016

Who: Chennai Metro Rail

What: Construction of the line between Government Estate and AG-DMS stations.

Dates: March 2017.

Further details: Retendering process for the final stretch of the underground work that was abandoned by Gammon India last year. The tenders have been called for the second time for the construction of the line between Government Estate and AG-DMS stations. The first tender was recalled.

 “L&T has started work and it is going on in full swing. By March, we hope to award the contract for this stretch as well,” an official said. The new contractor has to complete the tunnelling and construction work for this stretch between Government Estate and AG-DMS stations.

Contact and more details: Chennai Metro Rail Tender Page 

Who: MTR Corporation Limited (Hong Kong)

What: Decommissioning and removal of used Electric Multiple Units (EMUs).

Dates: The prequalification process for the tender will take place in April 2016 and tenders will be invited in the second half of 2016.

Further details:  29 consists of 12-car Metro Cammell EMUs are currently running in the Corporation’s East Rail Line and are planned to be in service until one month prior to their scheduled service retirement dates from end 2017 to 2019. The Corporation is open to consider various feasible means/methods for removal of these EMUs, from resale as whole trains to disposal as scrap. The Corporation will also consider any feasible community service plans or environmental initiatives utilizing the retired trains. Interested companies and entities are welcome to register according to the instructions below.

Contacts and more details: MTR tender page and for enquiries, please contact Mr. Andrew Lee, Manager – Purchasing on (852) 2993 4363 or by fax (852) 2993 7721. 

SafeRail incorporating the PTC World Congress

Who: Network Rail (UK)

What: £112m rebuild of Queen Street station in Glasgow (pictured above) 

Further details: Scotland’s third busiest station, with 20m passengers a year, Glasgow Queen Street needs to expand to meet predicted growth to 28m passengers by 2030. The station’s platforms and concourse also need to be extended to accommodate the faster, longer, greener electric trains being introduced to Scotland’s railway as part of the £742m Edinburgh-Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP). Due for completion in 2019, the redevelopment will create a landmark, modern station which reflects Queen Street’s role as a gateway to the city and as an important departure point for visitors heading north and east.

The scope of the project will include:

  • Demolition of the Millennium Hotel’s 1970s extension above the station
  • Demolition of Consort House
  • Removal of the canopy over the footway in Dundas Street
  • Redevelopment of the station concourse, south and west façades, including reconstruction and extension of station buildings
  • Improved station entrances at Dundas Street and George Square
  • New lighting and public address systems
  • New ticket office and staff accommodation block
  • Construction of extended platforms to accommodate eight-car trains.

More details: Network Rail Tender Opportunities.  

 Who: Amtrak

What: Request for Information (RFI) to solicit interest in a public-private partnership for a proposed comprehensive master development solution at Baltimore Penn Station.

Dates: Friday, February 19, 2016.

Further details: Evaluation of interested parties capable of all aspects of project delivery including the development of an implementable Master Plan, design, construction, financing, as well as identification of expansion opportunities and commercial development in surrounding areas. The project scope includes the opportunity to redevelop the station’s upper floors, surrounding land parcels owned by Amtrak, the potential expansion of the station and improvements to both passenger and employee facilities – all integrated with the surrounding central Baltimore neighborhoods.

Contacts and more details: Tender details are here. And contact Carole Owens ( for more. 


Who: Etihad Rail

What: for Stage Two of the project aiming to connect Abu Dhabi’s Western Region with Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the Saudi Arabian and Omani borders.

Why cancelled: Etihad Rail cut its workforce by 30 per cent a week previously. The slump in the oil price has disrupted many of the region’s infrastructure plans. Chairman Nasser Al Suwaidi said in the statement that Etihad Rail will now review “the most appropriate timing for this investment.” 

 To list your tender please contact 

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