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Fast Forward, the magazine: Transportation for the 21st Century.

Posted by Dave Songer on Feb 14, 2019

ALE Fast ForwardThe nature of train travel has changed immensely in recent years and for many millions has brought about major improvements. Thanks to technology, passengers can now use increasingly automated ticketing systems that make it easier than ever to get around, while the organisations running those services can make more informed decisions that lead to safer and more efficient journeys. And it doesn’t just end there – the regions served by modern transport networks also stand to gain both economically and socially with the increased levels of social mobility. Take predictive maintenance. Since its introduction operators have been able to take out the guess work, diagnosing problems remotely and keeping rolling stock on the track and in service for longer.

Clearly though, it’s not just the rail industry that benefits from such innovation – the positive impacts of cutting-edge technology developed by some of the world's most progressive companies are also keenly felt across other modes of transport – whether on the waves, in the air or on the road.

One such company facilitating this progress is Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE), the digital giant that has demonstrated its motivation to the cause with Fast Forward, a digital magazine examining the complex world of transportation for the 21st century. This free to download, 24-page document features reactive infographics, thought provoking editorials and thought leadership on key areas for transport operators including passenger safety, delivering exceptional passenger experience and ensuring operational efficiency.

It's a comprehensive body of work and SmartRail World has been granted exclusive access. We're making it available to our readers; to download your copy today to find out where ALE thinks today’s transport is heading, what can be done to drive improvement and how it can help the industry as a whole to get there.

Click to download Fast Forward, ALE's latest e-zine.


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Dave Songer

Written by Dave Songer

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