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“My drive to speak during the conference is to share the beautiful results of the ERTMS Hybrid Level 3 developments as a joint initiative of ProRail and NetworkRail, involving basically the entire European Railway scene to rapidly move the introduction of ERTMS L3 functionalty to deliver a cost effective implementation for enhancing available railway capacity to facilitate ever increasing demands on our systems.”
Marcel van der Vliet, ERTMS Project Manager, ProRail
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“For Trenes Argentinos Cargas it is an honor to participate in SmartRail as it is an excellent opportunity to know the different points of view in the matter of railway management. On the other hand, we think that it is a great chance to present the Argentine case, since we are in the middle of transforming the railway matrix, tending towards a competitive and efficient model.”
Ezequiel Lemos, President, Trenes Argentinos Cargas
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“Very much looking forward to SmartRail 2018 in the beautiful, innovative city of Amsterdam, a place I once called home. Digital Innovation is exploding across the railway industry and beyond, and SmartRail brings together thought leaders and visionaries including Go-Ahead to be a part of that strategic-thinking of building a world where every journey is taken care of. Exciting times!”.
Craig Ellis, Group Chief Technology Officer, The Go-Ahead Group
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“Innovations come through dialogue and sharing of experiences and ideas.”
Mikko Vuoristo, Head of IT, Train Operations, VR Group
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“Autonomous driving is expected to a huge impact on mobility. When and how will it affect our rail industry? Do we need rails in a world with autonomous vehicles? Virtual tracks are the future of railways. ERTMS enables us to get rid of signalling and opens up the tracks for autonomous driving. How long will it take before virtual tracks replace our current fixed rail infrastructure?”
Bart Schmeink, CEO, Netherlands, Transdev
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 ”Sustainable urban development and modern railways goes hand in hand”
Stefan Engdahl, Executive Director, Marketing and Planning, Swedish Transport Administration
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“As a sector that imports and exports both goods and services, transports people across borders, and possesses Britain’s only physical link to mainland Europe, getting Brexit right for the rail industry will also be a barometer for whether the overall deal will enable Britain and Europe to prosper together in the decades ahead. As such I am delighted to be speaking at SmartRail to share our experience from Rail Delivery Group on how we are preparing for Brexit and creating a strategy for future success for Britain’s railways.”
Laura Wright, Head of International Policy, Rail Delivery Group
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“The programme SmartRail 4.0 tackles 2 central challenges regarding the competitivity of railways: cost and capacity. Having 4 major Swiss railways on board, we are looking for further opportunities of international cooperation. Therefore we are very glad the SmartRail conference provides a platform to share and discuss the vision and the building blocks of our programme SmartRail 4.0.”
Bernhard Rytz, Lead Digital Transformation, SBB
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“I’m visiting SmartRail because I want to talk to my international colleagues from the Railway-sector. I want to hear what they’re doing that makes them proud, and I want to tell them what we’re proud of.”
Rens Stehouwer, Contract Manager, ProRail
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“Deployment of new and rapidly evolving technology is vital if railways are to meet the challenges of increasing capacity and availability, and of meeting higher customer expectations for the quality of their overall experience. Working together to achieve whole system solutions to these challenges is vital. This conference brings together representatives from all parts of the railway system and offers an excellent opportunity to discuss how to do this successfully.”
Chris Lawrence, Technical Director, RSSB
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"SmartRail gives you a unique opportunity for listening to an incredible line of speakers and excellent networking opportunities. Can't afford to miss this!”
Ajit Kumar Mishra, Chief Project Manager, Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India
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“Driving value from our assets is at the heart of Asset Management. The concept of “Value” must underpin our decision-making process and our optimisation of funds invested. This process must be supported by the effective use of data and technology.”
Jude Carey, Head of Finance and Commercial Asset Management, Irish Rail Infrastructure
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“SmartRail is an important event for the sharing of information, updating yourself and connecting with people new and old in the fast-moving industry”
John Guiry, Chief Executive Officer, Royal Railway Cambodia
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“A very well-organized event with the opportunity to make contacts with other people across the railway industry and from all over the world.”
Frederik Van Assendelft, Chairman Railgroup, Rover
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