Freight Rail

Freight rail’s tight margins and lack of government subsidies mean operators are in desperate need of increasing attractiveness to customers. This session, targeted specifically at professionals from freight rail operators, will look at strategies to improve the efficiency of cross-border freight corridors in order to deliver a competitive and reliable service.

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Key speakers in this stream:
  • Tony Berkeley, Chairman, Rail Freight Group
  • Ajit Kumar Mishra, Chief Project Manager, Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India
  • Kjell Ivar Maudal, Head of Terminals, Bane Nor
  • Robson Schmidt, Head of IT, RUMO Logistica
  • Yuriy Maslikov, Director, Ost-West Logistik
This session may be relevant to you if you’re an employee of a freight operating company and/or your job title falls into the following:
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Director of Stations
  • Strategy Director
  • Logistics Director
  • Financial Controller
  • Head of Business Development
  • Head of Freight
  • Head of IT
  • Head of Marketing
  • Maintenance and Reliability Engineer
  • Research and Development Manager
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