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  • Tren y Rail
    Tren y Rail


    Who we are:

    Tren y Raíl is a 100% digital magazine that was born from the desire to provide a fresh and 360º vision of the railway sector. It provides a complete approach to the industry, offering the latest insights and opinions. Although it’s main focus is the rail industry it also keeps up with current trends in mobility.



    • Tren y Raíl covers transportation policy, infrastructure projects, and technology for all areas of rail construction and maintenance, passenger and cargo operations, rolling stock and engines, as well as stations, ticket, passenger services and mobility in general.
    • Daily update of articles with the latest news from the national and international rail sector.
    • Interviews
    • Summits, conferences, etc.
    • Published in Spanish and translated simultaneously into English, and with the option of access in the language of preference with Google translate.


    Our objective:

    • To be the key point of reference for the national and international railway development.
    • Collaborate with companies in the sector to transmit their latest developments and news.
    • Be a reliable and current source of information.
  • Vialibre
  • Rail Grup
    Rail Grup

    Railgrup was founded in 2002 as the product of an initiative to strengthen the competitiveness of the railway sector, led by what was then called the General Directorate for Industry, with the participation of the Department of Regional Policy and Public Works of the Regional Government of Catalonia.

    Aware of the importance of railway development at all levels and the need to professionally address studies for its improvement, the primary objective of Railgrup is to boost the overall competitiveness of its members, promoting, representing and defending their collective interests. We remain in constant contact with the evolution Railway ecosystem around the world.

    Railgrup is an active member of major associations and platforms, such as UITP, ALAMYS, ERCI, AEI, etc. We belong to different associations and committees, such as those of Fira BCN-Rail, the main Trade Show for the railway sector in Spain. We work to expand the knowledge capacity to the technologies, R&D programmes and applications at major universities, centres and technology platforms.