Workshop Day - Monday 25th November
9:30 Metro de Madrid site visits

Begin the week with operational site visits hosted by our event partners Metro de Madrid. Leaving the hotel at 9:30 you will have the opportunity to network with fellow delegates and gain valuable information regarding the operators latest technologies, advancements and any planned future expansions.

Choice of site visits TBC
13:00 Networking lunch
The workshop sessions offer a perfect platform for interaction, debate and best practice sharing. Following the moderators' introductory presentation, delegates will sit on tables of no more than 10 delegates led by specialist facilitators and will discuss the challenges presented on their tables. Each table will then feed their conclusions back to the whole group, so you can take practical information back to the office to improve your business!
14:00 Workshop:
CBTC – Using CBTC across the mobility spectrum
Using advanced connectivity to integrate transport
15:00 Networking coffee break
15:30 Workshop:
Increased safety & reliability through advanced signalling and sensor
Streamline operations, both internally and externally by using communications platforms to their potential
16:30 End of Workshop day

Day 2 - Tuesday 26th November
8:00 Registration
8:50 Welcoming Address
  Room 1 - Both Streams
  Keynote Presentations: The Modernization of METRO in the 21st Century

9:00 Opening keynote presentation: The outlook for innovation at Metro de Madrid
Gain an insight into the latest innovative techniques being used by Metro de Madrid and their future plans.
Understand the operators current key priorities in terms of technology and why this is of such importance from an operational point.
Discover where Metro de Madrid sees operations in years to come and how their innovative ideas are working towards this outlook.
9:25 Transforming the Metro to align with current & future needs
Assess the expectations of customers and how these needs adapting alongside modern technologies
Discuss the ways in which Metro services can ensure these expectations continue to be met as effectively as possible
Understand importance of adaptability and the threats faced from competitors

Case Study: Building a Greenfield Project - The Grand Paris Express
An in depth case study focusing on what is considered one of the most modern and interconnected mobility developments in transport history. With over 200km of new railway lines and 68 interconnected stations, the Grand Paris Express will carry 2 million passengers per day ready for the 2024 Olympics. This session details the successes and problems faced during the planning and implementation of the largest current transport project in Europe.

10:05 Advisory
10:20 Case Study: The MaaS model - How a city is breaking new grounds in efforts to become a genuine 'Smart City'
10:40 Opening keynote Q&A Panel
11:10 Networking coffee break
11:40 A Modernized Workforce: Changing the perception of the industry
Assess the importance of altering public perceptions and moving away from the stereotype linking the industry with an older, male dominated workforce.
Understand how changing these dated views can have a positive impact in addressing the skills gaps associated with the transport industry.
12:00 A Modernized Workforce: Case Study - How a leading operator is diversifying their staff & the effects on performance and operations
Discover how a leading global operator is successfully diversifying their workforce.
Learn how operators are linking with educational establishments to help increase the amount of young professionals into transportation.
Assess the success of these strategies and the impact of this on operations and performance.
13:00 Networking lunch
  CBTC World Congress SmartMetro World Congress
  Room 1 Room 2

Implementing CBTC efficiently through a model based approach to ensure compatibility
• Discussing ways in which to implement CBTC in a timely and efficient manner.
• Analyzing a Model Based Design approach in terms of expectations & results

Data capture & Transmission: The latest software
Understand how real-time data transmission can open new possibilities.
Ensuring the most valuable data is captured and used correctly
Analyzing the various forms of data transfer depending on the situation


Standardization: The benefits & difficulties of standardization and interoperability
• Discuss the advantages of achieving cross-border collaboration between rail operators.
• Understand the difficulties associated with gaining agreements between operators.
• Assess the issues that could potentially arise with Brexit, the impact and ways to minimize this as much as possible.

On board monitoring systems & automated reporting through standardized measurements
Discuss how standardized metrics would increase data reliability and allow for comparative analysis across companies
Learn how automated reporting software can increase efficiency and the resulting effects on workforce
Analyze data across Operational Performance, Emissions & Customer satisfaction



The advantages of BIM when implementing CBTC

Monetizing data: Methods of selling data & associated ethics
15:20 Efficient implementation of CBTC: Q&A Panel Using data to it's true potential: Q&A Panel
15:50 Networking coffee break
16:20 ERTMS v CBTC: The argument for ERTMS
Assessing the reasons for implementing ERTMS over other signalling systems in terms of safety and standardization
Alleviating congestion through real time communications
16:35 ERTMS v CBTC: The argument for CBTC
Assessing the reasons for implementing CBTC over other signalling systems in terms of safety and cost benefits.

The business case for WiFi & focused communications
The need for constant connectivity has never been greater as WiFi and communications continues to become more and more heavily relied upon by operators and customers alike.
• Discuss the options available for on board WiFi to improve connectivity across the network
• Assess how the reliability on apps and the world wide web has impacted on mobility habits.
• Understand how on board WiFi can enable focused communications and the benefits of this.

16:50 ERTMS v CBTC: Interactive Discussion & Audience Poll Case Study: How the reliance on smartphones can be beneficial to the industry
17:15 Greenfield v Brownfield Sites Fairer fares: Methods for adapting fares to make them fairer and more operationally effective
17:35 Case Study: Retrofitting signalling upgrades onto an established system WiFi & Constant Connectivity Q&A Panel
17:45 Networking Drinks Reception and end of Day Two

Day 3 - Wednesday 27th November
8:00 Registration
8:50 Welcome address
  Room 1
  Cyber Security, Security control centers, Private LTE, Ultra availability systems
9:00 The rapidly changing outlook for Safety & Security
• Assessing the increasing security risk as we become more reliant on digitalized assets
• How we must adapt and mitigate risks through a modernized transport network
• Making use of new technologies for greater efficiency and effectiveness
• Discuss the need for new safety standards that are suitable to the risks faced today
  Cyber Warfare: The severity of the risks we face
• Understand how the advancements in technology increase susceptibility to attacks from hostile groups
• Assess thee true severity of an attack and the ultimate potential damage
• How are other industries preventing attacks, how often, and is the transport network a sitting target?
  Central Control Centers - When are they effective?
• Assess the advantages of central communication centers in terms of efficiency and effectiveness
• How has a city successfully implemented central control centers using various security organizations
  Private LTE: Resilient Communications

  Networking coffee drinks
  CBTC World Congress SmartMetro World Congress
  Room 1 Room 2
  Autonomous vehicles, Sensor tech, Micro collision detection, ATC, Electification Predictive maintenance, MaaS, Smart cities, Ticketing, Disruptive Tech, 
  Networking lunch
  End of SmartMetro