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Our highlights from 2017 included...

Paul Comfort, Administrator Chief Executive Officer, Maryland Transit Administration.jpg

Paul Comfort, Chief Executive Officer, MTA Maryland

Mark Grant.png

Mark Grant, Chief Information Security Officer, CSX

Sean Ryan.png

Sean Ryan, Chief Security Officer, MTA Metro North Railroad

John Anderson.png

John G Anderson, PTC Advisor, CN Railway

John O'Grady.png

John O’Grady, Chief Safety Officer, Toronto Transit Commission

Darrell Maxey.png

Darrell Maxey, Deputy Chief Operating Officer (PTC & Engineering), Metrolink SCRRA

French Thompson.png

French Thompson, Director, Public Projects and System Design, BNSF Railway

Gardener Tabon.png

Gardner Tabon, Chief, Office of System Safety, NJ Transit

Sheldon Shaw.png

Sheldon Shaw, Manager of Safety, Utah Transit Authority

R.T. McCarthy, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Metrolink (SCRRA).jpg

R.T. McCarthy, Chief Safety Officer, Keolis Commuter Services

Doug Allen.png

Doug Allen, Chief Executive Officer, Virginia Railway Express

Pascal Baran.png

Pascal Baran, Chief Engineering Officer, Keolis Commuter Services

Robert Ledoux.png

Robert B. Ledoux, Senior Vice President, Florida East Coast Railway, L.L.C

Nick Chodorow.png

Nick Chodorow, Chief Information Officer, Belt Railway of Chicago

Christopher Hart.png

Christopher Hart, Board Member, National Transportation Safety Board

Thomas Littleton

Dr Thomas Littleton, Associate Administrator for Safety and Oversight, Federal Transit Administration

Laura Mason.png

Laura Mason, Special Track Work Director, WMATA

Michael Dinning.png

Michael Dinning, Director, Multimodal Programs and Partnerships, USDOT VOLPE Center

Charles Wolfe.png

Charles Wolfe, Head of Communications and Network Technology, WMATA

Scott Gorton.png

Scott Gorton, Manager, Freight Rail Industry Engagement, Transportation Security Administration

Jo Strang.png

Jo Strang, Vice President for Regulatory Affairs, American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association

Kurt Topel.png

Kurt Topel, Member, DuPage Railroad Safety Council

Emma Andrea Azpiazo.png

Emma Andrea Azpiazo, Former Lead Rail Traffic Controller, Miami-Dade Transit

Dave West.png

Dave West, Asset Manager for Track, Keolis Commuter Services

Yann Veslin.png

Yann Veslin, Manager of Mechanical Engineering, Planning and Performance Improvement, Keolis Commuter Services

J. F. Peter Meenehan.png

F. Peter Meenehan, Former Project Manager, WMATA

Atousa Vali.png

Atousa Vali, Senior Director, Amtrak

Dr Matthew Hicks.png

Dr Matthew Hicks, Senior Principle Cyber Security, Amtrak

Norma Krayem.png

Norma Krayem, Senior Policy Advisor, and Co-Chair, Cybersecurity and Privacy, Holland & Knight


Alan Tilles, Partner, Shulman Rogers

Paul Feldman.png

Paul Feldman, Attorney, Fletcher Heald

Grant Begley.png

Grant A Begley, Former Pentagon Senior Advisor for UAVs/Drones, Office of the Undersecretary of Defense

Alex Wilson.png

Alex Wilson, Director of Market Development, Wind River

Robert Persons.png

Robert Persons, Senior Field Sales Architect, Embedded Computing, Artesyn Embedded Technologies

Paola Realpozo..jpg

Paola Realpozo, Director Rail Strategy, Lilee Systems

Anne Fleur.png

Anne-Fleur Andrle, CEO, AMA Xpert Eye

Peter Bradley-1.png

Peter Bradley, Director FTS Strategy, Frauscher

Bill Everett.png

Bill Everett, Business Development, Rockwell Collins

Bob Gutzman

Jaya Aswani, Sny Systems Engineer, Rockwell Collins

Doug Wylie.png

Doug Wylie, CISSP Director, Industrials & Infrastructure Portfolio, The SANS Institute

Matt Miller.png

Matt Miller, Transport Industry Principle, OSIsoft

Joseph Page.png

Joseph Page, VP of North America Sales, Waterfall

Sompop Noiwan.png

Sompop Noiwan, Account Manager, Middleware & PaaS, Red Hat

Chris Russo.png

Chris Russo, EVP/Founder, Elerts

Ed English.png

Ed English, CEO, Elerts

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