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A guide to mission-critical communications networks for rail operators

Posted by SmartRail World Staff on Jun 23, 2015

Alcatel-Lucent-Ebook-SmartRail-WorldSmartRail World is today proud to offer all our readers a free 19 page e-book focussing on developing mission critical communications networks for railway operators. A modern, reliable, and flexible communications network is essential for a railway operator to maximise cost effectiveness and efficiency without jeopardizing reliability. It can also ensure the deployment of new devices and applications that can improve operational and workflow efficiency. Industry leader Alcatel-Lucent have partnered with us to offer their insights into ICT developments within rail - Mission-critical Communications Networks for Rail Operators.

Here on SmartRail World we carefully chronicle investments in railway infrastructure projects fuelled by initiatives dedicated to reduce private traffic and carbon emission reduction, and ensure public transit expansion matches population growth. Whilst other drivers of investment include safety and security, cost reduction, and obsolescence management. One of the challenges of modern railway operators, including those operating both main-line and urban railways is to focus on growth initiatives whist maintaining customer satisfaction. Better use of information and communications technology within rail can achieve these goals. To learn more about the potential of this area download for free this highly detailed free e-book. Download by clicking here: Mission-critical Communications Networks for Railway Operators.

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