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Ensuring Ethernet networks keep pace with our demanding and evolving industry.

Posted by Luke Upton on Aug 24, 2017

Canva - Belden.jpg"With the global expansion of transport networks, the increasing sophistication of train design and the ensuing changing demands on signalling and communication systems, the industry is undergoing an Ethernet revolution."

If it isn't already, all on-board equipment is becoming ‘Ethernet ready’ and through the use of these networks, devices are far better able to communicate both between themselves and to equipment and applications running off the moving train, trackside and back to Control Centers. These new Ethernet communication networks have to be capable of handling increasing bandwidth requirements while meeting uncompromising safety and reliability standards.

This revolution is set to continue with the increased deployment of service differentiators (such as passenger Wi-Fi) and the drive to reduce costs (through applications such as Driver Assistance Systems). It is therefore important that Ethernet systems being designed, specified and installed today are capable of still being functional (with zero maintenance) for many years to come. To guide us through the developments we have teamed up with Belden, a technology leader in the transportation market who work closely with operators, manufacturers and system integrators to design and implement transportation network infrastructure around the word and who have published a new White Paper which is now availabe for you to read and use for free. 

In an ever changing industry, the Ethernet systems that Belden design, specify and install are capable of still being functional (with zero maintenance) for many years to come.

Download their free new White Paper to learn much more about harnessing the potential of Ethernet to keep pace with changing demands. 

Download: 'Selecting Ethernet Cable to Meet Transportation Demands'


  • Transportation Infrastructure Risks in Extreme Environments.
  • Network Safety, Uptime and Control Are Paramount.
  • Why Commercial-grade Components Are Not the Solution.
  • Industrial Ethernet Hardware vs. Typical Office-grade Ethernet Hardware.
  • Hardened Components Protect Network Integrity.
  • Industrial Ethernet Cable Selection.
  • The Proof is in the Testing.
  • Be Sure Hardware Components Match the Application.

DOWNLOAD  Selecting Ethernet Cable  to Meet Transportation Demands  WHITE PAPER NOW


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Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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