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Dublin gets wheels in motion for €9bn six-line, Madrid-influenced metro.

Posted by Dave Songer on Dec 5, 2018

Dublin has created a new public transport mapThe city of Dublin has submitted plans for an ambitious six-line metro system that will be formed of a central loop operating underneath the Irish capital. Should the project get the official go ahead it would be up and running by 2025 and would reportedly cost a third of the cost normally expected for a project of this nature, coming in at €9 billion (around £8 billion).

That’s the word from the Metro Dublin CEO, Jed van der Poll, who said on Irish radio this week that the project would be privately funded, thus lowering the reliance on the public purse. Helping to keep the costs down, he told Newstalk, would be achieved by echoing a construction method undertaken on Madrid Metro using plans from its architect, Manuel Melis Maynar.

“[Maynar] built 120 kilometres of metro in just seven years and at a fraction of the price that, say, London Underground paid for the Jubilee Line,” reducing the capital and making it more suitable for private investment. “We would be looking for half of that funding – so approximately4.5 billion – from the European Investment Bank,” a form of funding ideal for Dublin owing to its “extremely low” rate of interest.

Discussions around Dublin’s metro following that of Madrid have been going on for some time, with reports back in 2003 that Maynar had presented to the Irish government about echoing the Spanish capital’s method of construction. Should the Spaniard’s vision come to fruition it would, according to van der Poll, save commuters in the city close to three weeks in travel time a year and connect 19 hubs with its electrified transit railway, tram system, mainline rail and bus routes. The proposal for the network is currently with the Irish Transport Minister, Shane Ross.

The latest news comes in a week that Dublin released an updated version of its network map, which for the first time clearly shows the interchanges between all Dublin train and tram lines. Passengers with mobility issues will welcome the new map, which clearly displays wheelchair accessibility information for each station, something that was missing from previous versions. Supported by a new website, the design overhaul was ordered by Dublin Public Transport to bring the city in line with its European contemporaries.

A large view of the map, pictured above, above can be viewed here.

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Dave Songer

Written by Dave Songer

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