2017 SmartRail World digital guide calendar.


Since 2013, the SmartRail World editorial team has been proud to publish digital guides focussing on key technologies, developments or areas of growth and share them across our global community of over 50,000 rail and metro professionals. They are increasingly popular and used as resource and guide for our ever changing industry, now we are opening these guides to contribution from a limited number of leading innovators in rail and metro.

There are several opportunities to partner with us from contributing stories and case studies, to advertising, sponsoring and securing the contact details of the readers to ensure a maximum return. We’d love to have a discussion with you, so please get in touch today to share some ideas.

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2017 Industry Guide and Spotlight editorial calendar 


Industry Guide: Keeping pace with the demands of the digital passenger (Publication date, week commencing 23rd January)

Spotlight on… Asset Management (23rd - 27th January)


White Paper Release #1 (6th February)

Industry Guide: Using data to enhance rail and metro operational performance (27th February)


Industry Guide: Protecting rail and metro from cyber security threats. (20th March)

White Paper Release #2 (27th March)


Spotlight on… Better passenger experience to boost ridership (14th - 18th April)


Industry Guide: The evolution and future of transit Wireless Communications (8th May)

White Paper Release #3 (22nd May)


Spotlight on… Technology to help overcome the rail security challenges (9th – 13th June)

Industry Guide: The future of signalling & train control (23rd June)              


Spotlight on… Next generation ticketing and revenue collection. (21st – 25th July)

White Paper Release #4 (3rd July)


Rail & Metro Innovation Guide 2018 (18th August)


Special Report: Opportunities and challenges for rail in the emerging economies. (15th September)

Spotlight on… Transports role in our connected cities (29th Sept – 3rd October)


White Paper Release #5 (16th October)

Digital Guide: Creating new revenue streams for rail and metro operators (20th – 25th October)


Spotlight on… Signalling & train control project focuses. (3rd – 7th November)

White Paper Release #6 (20th November)


Spotlight on…  Projects, personalities and plans for 2018 and beyond (8th-12th December) 

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