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Deutsche Bahn and Hyperloop TT to build 'Innovation Train' by 2018.

Posted by Luke Upton on Aug 1, 2016

Hyperloop Augmented Reality Window on the DB Innovation Train (SmartRail World) Transport giant Deutsche Bahn are partnering with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) to create an ‘Innovation Train’ a conventional train that will use some of the new technologies that have emerged from Hyperloop's development. This train won't feature anything related to Hyperloop's propulsion technology but instead focus on additional halo developments from HTT. Their aim is to increase efficiency and bring what they describe as a “modern digital presence” to train transportation. 

The Hyperloop is a currently theoretical system of capsule transport which aims to reach speeds of 760mph. In developing their version of it, the staff working at HTT (and those working via crowdsourcing) have also developed additional technologies such as augmented reality windows, which it is keen to showcase further in this partnership. It could also help monetize and add a proof-of-concept to its work in the transport sector. 

Hyperloop first gained public interest when entrepreneur Elon Musk published a detailed white paper describing a futuristic mode of transport that would move people from Los Angeles to San Francisco in about 30 minutes. Musk handed the concept to the public asking for entrepreneurs to take over its development while he focused on his existing projects, with one of the most prominent on those taking on Musk’s idea being HTT ( @HyperloopTransp ).

Deutsche Bahn, the largest railway operator and infrastructure owner in Europe carrying about two billion passengers each year, will finance the project which utilizes HTT crowdsourcing and community collaboration. The project is broken down into phases including research, usage scenarios, design concepts, design finalization and implementation. The train will be ready for passengers to test the new technologies by the beginning of 2017.   

"One of the biggest issues in public transportation is the need for public subsidies," said Dirk Ahlborn ( @justdirk ) HTT CEO. "New technologies and new ideas, can create a better passenger experience while solving these issues through new monetization strategies and business models, with the Hyperloop and all other forms of transportation."


"We have combined our strong development capabilities for digital technology with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies in order to integrate new ideas and innovative prototypes into our local passenger train service," said Christoph Kraller, managing director of the SOB at DB.  "The creation of a digital travel companion in cooperation with Hyperloop continues our steady progress forward."

"We see this partnership as a validation of the technology we're developing and as proof that the nature of our business model is working," said HTT Chairman Bibop Gresta ( @BibopGGresta ). "Our company structure lends itself to more collaborative partnerships that are attractive to forward-thinking organizations like Deutsche Bahn.

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Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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