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Details confirmed for next generation of Shinkansen trains.

Posted by Luke Upton on Jun 28, 2016

N700S next generation of Shinkansen trains. Central Japan Railway Co., has announced that it will introduce a new Shinkansen bullet train, the N7000S, with a host of new innovative features. It will herald the next generation of high-speed trains in Japan, where the world’s first bullet train began service in 1964. This new N700S series will be the sixth model since that first 0 series and will be operational from 2020 serving the Tokaido and Sanyo line. The most obvious difference from the current N700A will be its extra aerodynamic nose, designed to reduce air resistance, noise, and vibration. The maximum speed of the N700S will be 285km/h, the same as the N700A but the new train will also feature a number of other changes and additions to improve the trains performance and on-board experience. 

The President of Central Japan Railway, better known as JR Tokai, Koei Tsuge, told the press conference announcing the N700S; “is an innovative rolling stock that is a product of rapid [technological] advancement.” The new bullet train that will be lighter and consume 7% less electricity than the latest varieties in operation, Tsuge added.

A set of 16 N700S cars will weigh 20 tons less than a train consisting of the same number of N700A cars and nearly 300 tons less than the 0 series, the first Shinkansen model meaning the weight will fall below the 700 tons for the first time. This lighter weight will be made possible by the use of next-generation silicon carbide semiconductors that JR Tokai has co-developed with Toshiba Corp., Hitachi Ltd., Fuji Electric Co. and Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

N700S next generation of Shinkansen trains (SmartRail World)

With earthquakes a constant threat in Japan, the N700S has an enhanced braking systems that enables a 5% reduction in stopping distance at 285km/h if an emergency brake application is triggered.

To enhance passenger experience, all seats will have electrical plugs so passengers can charge mobile devices. At present they are installed only in luxury-class carriages.

The carriages will also come equipped with small, large-capacity lithium-ion batteries so that people can use bathrooms even during power outages.

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Written by Luke Upton

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