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Creating new revenue streams for rail and metro operators.

About the guide                                                                  

In our 26th digital guide, we focus on how rail and metro operators from around the world are securing ways to generate new and more efficient revenue streams to ensure growth in a time of increasing funding and budgetary challenges.

During a period of innovation and change across the industry, a host of new opportunities to boost revenue streams are emerging. These include new techniques in fare collection, increased commercialisation of the on-board experience, smarter advertising to passenger, a renewed focus on the station, partnerships with non-public transport companies, journey gamification, station sponsorship and much more.


For operators, these developments present the chance to gain much needed additional revenue to maintain and grow their operations as well as improving their offering to the passenger. For solutions providers, these technologies offer a way to bring new platforms into the industry, gain new customers and develop their own revenue streams. A true win, win!

To help ensure the industry is able to gain a fuller understanding of the opportunities and challenges of that new revenue streams present for the industry, our editorial team are already speaking to senior executives at rail and metro operators around the world for insights into their own plans with in this crucial area, and these exclusive features will make up the focus of the guide. But we also have the opportunity to feature a small number of contributions from the commercial innovators providing details of their own solutions, products and analysis to global metro agencies and rail operators.

Our readership.                                                                   

This guide, the 26th we have published, will be shared with our entire global community, including its 52,000+ members who work for rail companies and metro, rail and transit agencies giving your message a direct link to clients seeking to improve their digital connection with passengers. It will be featured on SmartRail World, the online home of rail and metro innovation for the remainder of 2017 and into 2018. And promoted extensively on our newsletters (sent to 32,000+ readers), across our very popular social media portfolio (19,000+ connections) and shared with our media partners. We guarantee a big readership for your message on this vitally important topic.Urban_rail_and_metro.png

Opportunities Available                                                  

Guide sponsor - position yourself as the market leader, with editorial article (750-1000 words) delivering thought leadership, full page advert, branding on front page and in Editor’s Welcome, plus receiving the details (including full contact information) of the first 200 (opted-in) downloaders of the guide giving you fantastic and visible return on investment. Editorial article also published on SmartRail World. Discount available on further leads. – 1 Available.

Editorial Contributor (guide + website) - Feature or Headline Interview or Case Study (750-1000 words) in the digital guide and also published on SmartRail World. - 3 Available 

Advertising partner – an interactive advert with clickable links, so readers can connect straight to your website Full Page - 2 available. -4 available.

Publication Dates                                                               

Deadline for Content and Adverts: Friday 10th November 2017

Publication date: Week commencing Monday 20th November 2017


Matt Anderson: Matt@SmartRailWorld.com / +44 (0) 20 7045 0915 for more. 


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