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Bombardier secures £100m 33-train deal for its latest TRAXX fleet.

Posted by Dave Songer on Nov 12, 2018

Bombarider has agreed a deal with Akiem for 33 of its TRAXX trainsThe French rolling stock leasing company, Akiem, has signed a £98 million (€112 million) deal with Bombardier Transportation for 33 of its TRAXX trains, delivery for which will begin from 2019. Expected to be completed by 2021, the full fleet of trains will consist of a mix of TRAXX MS 2 (multi-system), TRAXX AC 3 (alternating current) and TRAXX DC3 (direct current) locomotives.

Akiem's fleet is used across Europe, including The Netherlands, France, Slovakia, Romania and Austria, and the Bombardier deal will increase the size of the leasing company’s TRAXX fleet to 180.

Speaking on the deal, Peter Ammann, head of ecosystem freight corridors, Bombardier, said: “We introduced our versatile TRAXX locomotives platform 18 years ago and since then have continuously innovated and improved its features, with over 2,200 units sold. With these recent orders, Akiem will own a fleet of 180 TRAXX locomotives; the customer continues to benefit from this mixture of performance, experience and permanent evolution.”

Fabien Rochefort, the Akiem Group CEO, said: “This additional batch of 33 TRAXX locomotives enables Akiem Group industrial teams to design and deliver tailor-made services and maintenance solutions across Europe. We are making our Group a major long-term, reliable partner and added value provider for the railway transport industry in Europe.”

Bombardier unveiled the TRAXX DC3 trains at its Vado Ligure site in North Italy in May this year, when it highlighted the electric rolling stock’s adaptability for freight operations, with its Last Mile system that reduced allows complete connections with ports and freight terminals, many of which don’t have electrified infrastructure. Also, helping with the train’s reliability, the DC3 uses conditional-based maintenance that informs the operator’s control centre when parts have deteriorated and need replacing, revealing patterns in performance that can be used to streamline services. With the technology, Bombardier says operators have more control over their vehicle’s health in real-time, so maintenance interventions can be accurately estimated, improving maximum fleet performance and availability.

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Dave Songer

Written by Dave Songer

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