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Austrian Federal Railways continues 300-train Bombardier deal with £165 million order.

Posted by Dave Songer on Jul 9, 2018

Bombardier has supplied ÖBB in Austria with 25 new trains“This ensures both accessibility and a state-of-the-art comfort standard in local and regional transport.”

Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) has signed an agreement with Bombardier that will see the operator receive 25 trains, forming the part of the the £1.4 billion (€1.6 billion) deal signed in 2016 for 300 trains. This latest call-off for Bomabrdier’s Talent 3 trains is the second part of ÖBB’s deal with the Canadian train builder and is worth around £165 million (€188 million), bringing the total of trains ordered to 45, with an option to receive a further five.

The majority (19) of the trains will be used in the Tyrol region of Austria when they enter service in 2020, with the remaining six operating a year later in South Tyrol, where they will engage in cross-border travel into the far north of Italy.

ÖBB said the second call-off with Bombardier was the next step towards the Austrian operator’s plans to renew its fleet. “This ensures both accessibility and a state-of-the-art comfort standard in local and regional transport for Tyrol,” said the company. Bombardier, meanwhile, said the latest element of the 300-train deal was a huge gesture of trust for both the company and its Talent 3 rolling stock.

“ÖBB decided to purchase a second order before the first trains were even delivered,” said Christian Diewald, head of @Bombardier in Austria. “We are looking forward to continuing our trusting collaboration with ÖBB. Together, we will successfully implement the expansion and modernisation of the transportation options in Austria.”

Bombardier said at the launch of the initial deal with ÖBB (@unsereOEBB) of the Talent 3’s suitability for the challenging environment in which they will operate, owing to a six-axle drivetrain that gives strong acceleration. The trains also have the widest car body in their class, providing up to 50% more passenger seating than has been possible in the past. In total, around 1,400 trains from the Talent range of trains are already in use in Europe and Canada – with 187 of them to be found on ÖBB’s network.

Bombardier’s train is based on a modular design that allows the internal layout to be adjusted for different seasons. For instance, the summer layout helps accommodate the influx of cyclists that visit the region with a carriage that can be adapted to include a bike storage system that has been specially designed to protect the bikes critical components like the spokes.

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Dave Songer

Written by Dave Songer

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