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April rail and metro tenders: who wants what and where?

Posted by Luke Upton on Apr 27, 2016

Resized__800px-Euro_4000_Israel_Railways.jpgIn the latest of our monthly roundup of some of the biggest international rail and metro tenders we bring you details of major contracts from: 

  • Melbourne Metro
  • Israel Railways
  • MTA New York
  • Czech Railways (CD) 
  • Transport for London (TfL)
  • Baden-Württemberg public transport authority (NVBW)
  • Prasarana Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
  • The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa)
  • Bavarian rail authority (BEG)
Read more for the full list plus further information, key dates and contact details of this month's key rail tenders.
 Who: Baden-Württemberg public transport authority NVBW

What: Three regional contracts with a combined volume of more than 2 million train-km per year to run three separate lines.

Dates: Contract start dates vary, but the first is December 2016.

Further details: Available on International Railway Journal.

Contact: Call 0711-23991-0 or email:

Who: Prasarana Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur

What: Tenders for the RM9bil Light Rail Transit Line 3 (LRT 3) project in the second half of the year (H2).

Dates: Second half of 2016

More information:  Group managing director Azmi Abdul Aziz said the number of packages to be awarded was still undecided but the plan was to offer as many as possible to attract significant participation.  “We will work hard to complete the civil engineering design and the systems so that we can open for tender. We expect the tenders to be awarded either in the third or fourth quarter,” he said.
Contact: Tingkat 6, Wisma Monorail, Jalan Tebing, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2267 9888

Who: The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa)

What: Procurement of construction work to modernise rail infrastructure for the arrival of 600 trains purchased in a R59bn deal with Gibela Rail Transport Consortium.

More information: The procurement is part of Prasa’s R172bn modernisation programme to overhaul the aged urban Metrorail commuter service and will include modernising signalling and rail tracks, as well as station upgrades. Prasa has 135 stations in the country that will be modernised for the new trains.

Contract value: TBC, but more than R30bn of the R59bn contract with Gibela had been set aside for domestic suppliers.

Dates: Ongoing

Contact: Bongiwe Shiba on email or telephone 011 773 1473

SmartRail Asia 2016 - Click Here

Who: Bavarian rail authority BEG (Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH)

What: 11-year contract to operate the Ulm Diesel Network group of regional lines from December 2019. The cotnract covers the operation of 1.6 million train-km per year, with an option for a further 150,000 train-km per year on the Ulm - Weissenhorn, Ulm - Memmingen (- Buxheim), and Mindelheim- Günzburg (- Ulm) routes. The tender calls for the introduction of new trains on the Ulm - Memmingen line.

Dates: Ongoing

Contact: Call 089 748825-0 (keine Fahrplan- und Tarifauskünfte) or e-Mail: 

Who: Melbourne Metro

What:  There will be significant opportunities for private sector involvement in the $9-11 billion project, with opportunities for a range of contractors, designers and suppliers.

Further details: A multi-billion dollar availability based Public Private Partnership will include design and construction of the twin nine-kilometre tunnels and five underground stations, private finance and the provision of maintenance and other services during the operating term. The EOI for the PPP contract is expected to be released in mid 2016.

Certain early works will be delivered under a separate contract, including utility services relocation and protection and other site preparatory works. The Managing Contractor Scope of Works will include the relocation or protection of services such as gas, sewer and water mains, stormwater drains and electrical and telecommunications infrastructure, and site preparatory works. The shortlist for Early Works was announced in February 2016.

Contact and more details: Melbourne Metro Tenders Page.


Who: Israel Railways 

What: The Supply of Double Deck Electric Multiple Units.

Dates: Contact no later than 30th May 2016.

More information: Israel Railways Ltd. (”ISR”), in accordance with its obligations under the Israeli Mandatory Tender Law, 5752-1992 and its implementing regulations promulgated thereunder, wishes to obtain bids for the supply of 60 double deck electric multiple units (in a configuration of 6 vehicles and 4 vehicles) and complementary services and options as further defined in the Tender Documents.

Further details: Now available on Railway Gazette.

Contact:  Ms. Sophia Katsely, Procurement and Contracting Coordinator, facsimile at +972-3-693-7416 and by e-mail: sophiak(at) 

Who: MTA New York

What: Design-build installation of facility-wide electronic monitoring and detection system

More information: The work under this design-build contract will include the installation of monitoring and detection related equipment and fire/smoke detection systems for designated areas of the Bronx Whitestone Bridge and Robert F. Kennedy Bridge Facility.

Contract value: Over $50M

Dates: Duration of Contract 30 Months

Contact: MTA Tenders Page 

Who: Czech Railways (CD) 

What: Up to 30 diesel multiple units for domestic fast-train connections.

Contract value: CZK 4 billion

Dates: Ongoing.

Further details: Available on European Railway Review.

Contact: Link here in Czech.

Who: Transport for London (TfL)

What: Signage and Display Framework

More information: Provision of a multi-supplier, single lot framework covering the design, supply, installation, re-active maintenance, de-commissioning and supply of related products and services of temporary, permanent and electronic Signage and Display products.

Dates: Tender opens 18/05/2016

More information: Tender page on TfL.


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