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An amazing new map of all proposed railways in Southeast Asia offers a glimpse into the future.

Posted by Luke Upton on Nov 8, 2016

ResizedFuture SouthEast Maps Header.jpgSome of our most read stories on SmartRail World are about rail and metro projects in Southeast Asia. Rarely a week seems to go by without an announcement of a project, some with solid commitments and secured funding, others as election promises and many in the grey area in-between. But what if all these projects were actually built? What would the transport map of Southeast Asia look like? Well, now James Clark, editor of the excellent Nomadic Notes has decided to stop imagining it, and has drawn up a fantastic map featuring all the current and proposed railways across mainland and maritime Southeast Asia. The lines on the map includes proposed lines, railways currently under construction, lines announced as election promises, those undergoing a feasibility study, or approved lines waiting for funding. It’s absolutely fascinating so take a look now…

In drawing up the map, James sees a vision of transport in the region as being “a cross between China’s high-speed rail network and Europe’s international InterCity services. With a single visa for ASEAN an InterCity-style train would be able travel from Bangkok to Phnom Penh in four hours, and a high-speed train in under three.”

As the Editor of Nomadic Notes, James spent several years bookmarking news articles reporting railway lines that are under construction, or have been proposed to be built. And in compiling all this information came this map…

Future SouthEast Full Map.png

Click here for larger and zoomable image and click here to buy this map.

As James points out, this is not an actual map of Southeast Asia railways, so please don't use it to plan any trips... at least not yet anyway. Many thanks to James ( @nomadicnotes )  for sharing this with us, we definitely recommend his website, Nomadic Notes, so be sure to take a good look around and sign up for the free updates. 

To hear from and meet those leaders who are making at least some of the above projects a reality, including Ormsin Chivapruck, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Transport (Thailand), John Guiry, Chief Executive Officer, Royal Railways Cambodia and Megat Khairulazhar Khairodin, Chief Financial Officer, Prasarana Malaysia book your free ticket to SmartRail Asia in Bangkok, 1st - 2nd December 2016 today!  


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Luke Upton

Written by Luke Upton

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