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Alstom joins Thales and Siemens in roll-out of ERTMS across Bane Nor's network.

Posted by Dave Songer on Jun 7, 2018

Alstom will provide on-board signalling systems for Bane-Nor's ETCS“The proposed solution will capture the benefits of the Norwegian government's investment programme for passengers, local stakeholders and the communities the railway serves.”

Alstom is to become the third major rail contractor to have involvement in the overhaul of Norway’s signalling system, after it was selected by state operator Bane Nor to fit out the country’s entire fleet with on-board European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS). In the last three months, Bane Nor announced it would be using Thales and Siemens (the largest rail contract in the German company’s history) to install a new signalling system in the country – contracts that will focus on the installation of infrastructure such as interlockings, crossings and support for cyber-security services.

Where Alstom’s contract will differ, however, is that it will take place exclusively on-board trains rather than the trackside, involving the installation of systems on 467 trains that will also include a 25-year maintenance contract. No financial details of the deal have been released by Alstom, but the company has confirmed that full installation of the ERTMS technology is predicted to be completed by 2026.

The Bane Nor-bound signalling system is based on Alstom’s Atlas ERTMS range and features a dual system that enables compatibility with train lines that are yet to be update to the latest ERTMS standards. The first trains using the on-board system are expected to enter operation in 2021. @BaneNORSF said the contract represented a “significant step forward” in the digitalisation of Norway’s network.

SMW Download - Understanding the Key Threats and Trends in Transport Safety and Security @Alstom said that following introduction of the system, Norway’s passengers will be able to rely on a level of operation that is “punctual, safe, modern and which can carry more people that ever before”. “The proposed solution will capture the benefits of the Norwegian government's investment programme for passengers, local stakeholders and the communities the railway serves,” said Rob Whyte, managing director of Alstom in the Nordics. Design of the system will be led by Alstom’s ERTMS centre of excellence in Belgium.

Meanwhile, in related signalling news, Poland’s rail infrastructure manager, Polskie Linie Kolejowe, announced it had recruited Thales (@thalesgroup) to modernise nearly 500 miles of the country’s network with a £160m (€182m) contract that includes ERTMS Level 2 on two lines. Tasked with increasing the network’s capacity and increasing speeds to 100mph (160kmh), the contract also includes the redevelopment of 41 stations.

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Dave Songer

Written by Dave Songer

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