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"We're going to transform how people think about traveling in the United States" says Holly Reed, Managing Director of External Affairs at Texas Central Railway

SmartMetro Speaker Dossier: Frank Ibe, Head of Line Operations & Performance for the Bakerloo and Victoria Lines

The American Rail Revolution

SmartRail World FREE Industry Guide: "Diversification and Sustainability: The culture shifts that are changing the landscape of the rail industry"

SmartTransit East: Boston 2020 Advisory Board

World Cities Day: promoting urbanisation with sustainable development in Smart Cities

SmartTransit Sponsors: Bonnie Crawford, VP of Sales and Client Services at moovel

SmartTransit LA Speaker Dossier: Robin O'Hara, Executive Officer at LA Metro

SmartMetro Madrid Speaker Dossier: Juliette Fournier, NExTEO's Systems Engineer at SNCF

SmartMetro Dossier: Eric Quentin, Interface Manager & CBTC System Engineer NExTEO at SNCF

SmartTransit LA Speaker Dossier: Jeff Arndt, CEO of VIA Transit

SmartRail World FREE Industry Guide: "Innovation and Safety: How physical and cybersecurity advancements affect the real world"

Is rail sustainability running out of steam?

Driving Europe’s commuters mad: the benefits of comfortable trains as a daily journey option

SmartTransit LA Speaker Dossier: Joseph Holmes, Sales Director at EasyMile

SmartMetro Speaker Dossier: David Lainé, Corporate MaaS Director at Transdev

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SmartTransit Speaker Dossier: Monica Morton, Fares Director for Utah Transit Authority

5 minutes with Sagi Subocki, Vice President of Products & Marketing, Softil

How TfL / London Underground is Wi-Fi tracking its users (Part 2)

How TfL / London Underground is Wi-Fi tracking its users (Part 1)

Is digitalization really the game changer in urban mobility?

SmartMetro Speaker Dossier: Martin Knoll, Vienna Metro's Head of Digital Sales and Ticket Vending Machines

5 minutes with Silvan Mueller, Business Development Manager at Bel Power Solutions & Protection

Connecting technology and transport with productivity and work-life balance

How linear asset management and spatial tools can help maintain PTC assets

Our FREE August Industry Guide is out!

SmartMetro Speaker Dossier: Stéphane Callet, Project Manager / CBTC System Eng. NExTEO

The Top 5 Sexiest Trains of the Future

How Gothenburg is environmentally constructing new metro tunnels

SmartRail catch up with Robert Nisbet, Director for Nations and Regions of the Rail Delivery Group

Top 3 things you need to know about underground telecommunications

5 minutes with Egor Ermakov, Chief Technology Officer at GoMedia

SmartRail catch up with Valentina Ion, EMEA Industry Government Director at Microsoft

5 minutes interview with Tim Whitcher, Head of Future Ready Rail & Solution Lead (Digital Railway) at WSP

Sustainability and the long term benefits of engineered leather seats

Underground Airwaves: The security risks of telecomms on subways, with Joe Mullin, CTO of InSite Wireless (Part 3)

1G to 5G: The demands of modern data on public transit infrastructure, with Joe Mullin, CTO of InSite Wireless (Part 2)

Our latest free Industry Guide is out!

From East to West: Installing subway telecomms across the United States, with Joe Mullin, CTO of InSite Wireless (Part 1)

5 minutes with Jeff Davies, Managing Director of Andromeda

4G v. 5G: The top 6 advantages and pitfalls of future's wireless standards

Cybersecurity and the threat of public Wi-Fi

Breaking the stigma: Changing gender perceptions through a modernized railway industry

Top 10 Highlights of SmartRail Munich 2019 - Day Three

Top 9 Highlights from SmartRail Munich 2019 - Day Two

Top 10 Takeaways from SmartRail 2019 - Day One

Expert View: How to prevent fires before they start

5 Minutes with Sir Patrick McLoughlin, former UK Secretary of State for Transport

CBTC and airwaves: How to solve the frequency saturation of modern world communications

5 Minutes with Jacob Teter, Energy Analist at the International Energy Agency (IEA)

The importance of Enterprise Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance

5 minutes with Paul Chan, Managing Director of BAI Communications Hong Kong

5 Minutes with Javier de la Cruz, CAF's Rail Services Engineering Head Manager

The digital mapping system helping safely pave the way to electrification

SmartMetro 2019 Advisory Board - What are the industry's most pressing concerns?

5 Minutes With… Román Kotiers, CFO at Rail Cargo Hungaria.

Secure data infrastructure for critical railway operations – Free White Paper.

5 Minutes With… Wasay Rashid, analyst at ARC Advisory Group.

5 Minutes With… Steffen Wendzel, professor at University of Applied Sciences, Worms.

Put supply chain at centre of Williams Review plans – Railway Industry Association.

Apps, badges and 3D rendering: some of the steps being taken to improve rail accessibility.

5 Minutes With… Darren Caplan, chief executive of the Railway Industry Association.

Virgin Trains plans for take-off with airline-style ticketing initiative.

Infrastructure issues: the travails of Crossrail and four other struggling rail projects.

Light rail and metro rolling stock: a run-down of some of the latest train deals.

5 Minutes With… Robert Nisbet, director, nations and regions at Rail Delivery Group.

UK commits to decarbonisation of rail, with £1m RSSB innovation competition.

Asset maintenance: a European, Asian and Australasian picture of this essential technology.

5 Minutes With… Rhianne Montgomery, programme manager of rail innovation at Innovate UK.

8 of the world's most eye-catching rail and metro maps and the stories behind them.

Expert View: Delivering high-tech in a simple way on rail’s increasingly complex digital networks.

5 Minutes With… Tim Maton, chief technology officer at International Rail.

Ticket to ride: a look at apps and tech delivering advances for operators and passengers.

Read about some of the innovative ways rail is boosting its sustainability credentials.

5 Minutes With… Paul Daly, CEO of the Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board.

Rail-safety systems: A look at technology and how it's being used to make transport safer.

Platforms for change: how transit connectivity offers so much more than an internet connection.

5 Minutes With… Ian Parker, director of rail at Costain.

Smart cities – a look at next-generation transport that could be part of our future.

Autonomous trams, ticketing and chatbots: AI and the increasing role it plays in rail.

5 Minutes With… Simon Iwnicki, director of the Institute of Railway Research.

China announces new maglev concept: a 200kmh driverless train planned for 2020.

Eurostar posts record results, boosting total passenger numbers to 190 million.

Expert View: Connectivity and Control at the Centre of Rail's Future.

Read about the mobile technology that gives on-board connections the Edge.

Virgin Trains bolsters disabled accessibility with addition to its Amazon Alexa ticketing.

Watch: Sydney Metro, Australia’s first driverless journey on its biggest transport project.

Alstom signs £62-million deal with Bangalore Metro for electrification of Phase II.

India steps up carbon-cutting plans with train conversion and £32 million ABB deal.

Apps, maps and safety: the power of data and some of the ways rail uses it.

Fast Forward, the magazine: Transportation for the 21st Century.

How safety culture is keeping pace with the digital rail revolution.

SmartRail 2019 advisory board: What are the industry’s most pressing concerns?

Vivarail joins Alstom in letting off steam with development of hydrogen-powered trains.

5 Minutes With… Stephen McSpadden, senior product manager at Rambus.

Free Industry Guide – How mobile technology can deliver for operators and passengers.

5 Minutes With… Ken Ranger, chief executive officer of BAI Communications Canada.

India plans introduction of robust security measures to improve passenger safety.

Better connections: The progress of 6 countries in their pursuit of faster on-board Wi-Fi.

Federal Railroad Administration releases $46m PTC funding, as 90% of operators miss deadline.

Amtrak set to reduce emissions output with £670m deal for 75 Siemens Charger trains.

Rio Tinto launches world’s first autonomous freight train in quest to boost productivity.

VIA Rail signs £585m Siemens deal for 32 of its Charger trains.

Porterbrook and Ballard signal arrival of UK’s 1st hydrogen-powered demonstrator train.

Angel Trains goes 3D, printing components and slashing production lead times.

Watch: President George H.W. Bush's final journey aboard the trains he loved.

Expert View: How the Neutral Host model can solve the UK’s rail connectivity conundrum.

Dublin gets wheels in motion for €9bn six-line, Madrid-influenced metro.

Read about the intelligent wayside sensors that are improving safety and increasing efficiency.

5 Minutes With… Simon Jarrett, engineering development manager at Chiltern Railways.

Discussions underway for driver anti-sleep device on UK rail, says safety regulator.

Nuremberg secures “next 40 years” of metro with 27-car Siemens train deal.

Work in Progress: Bombardier, setting the signals in Bangkok and Melbourne.

5 Minutes With… Hilary Konczal, chief safety and environmental officer at Metra.

Positive Train Control: Asset management for safety-critical systems.

Morocco halves journey times with Africa’s first-ever high-speed rail network.

Virgin Trains USA: Branson enters US train market with rebrand of Florida's Brightline.

5 Minutes With… Diego Galar, professor of condition monitoring at Luleå University.

Talgo steps up HS2 Phase One bid, with Scotland plant that would create 1,000 jobs.

UK follows India's lead with recruitment drive to bring more women into rail.

Bombardier secures £100m 33-train deal for its latest TRAXX fleet.

Italy launches high-speed freight to boost the country’s trans-European links.

New data shows more UK rail passengers “trust instincts” to help reduce suicides.

Siemens wins two-city China CBTC deal in Suzhou and Nanjing.

6 Expert Insights from Day Three of SmartMetro 2018.

6 Expert Insights from Day Two of SmartMetro 2018.

Expert View: How prescriptive analytics keeps the rail industry moving in the right direction.

5 Minutes With… River Tamoor Baig, Hack Partners founder.

Headliner: Vivek Mahalingam, Director CBTC Solution Management at Bombardier.

Alstom to deliver first Senegal train, as country strives to meet growing mobility needs.

Free Webinar: Are you on track with PTC?

5 Minutes With… Amir Levintal, CEO of Cylus.

Read about the accessibility app that gives an essential Welcome to those with dementia.

Assaults on staff cut by more than half since introduction of bodycams – Virgin Trains.

Cape Town deploys security squad to improve safety on region’s troubled network.

5 Minutes With…: A look back at some of our favourite interviews from 2018.

KiwiRail commits to $290m commuter fund and reinstates freight following Kaikoura quake.

Hours of Service: The challenge of remaining compliant with flexible, moving, real-time schedules.

5 Minutes With… Vitor Domingues dos Santos, president of Lisbon Metro.

White Paper: Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems: A New Approach.

San Francisco announces £300m ticketing overhaul with MaaS-ready system.

The mission-critical router that primes transit operators for the connected future.

Watch: Lasering the tracks – the futuristic foil to Autumnal leaf fall.

Egyptian National Railways breaks rolling stock record with 1,300-carriage deal.

Transreport: The tech start-up with diversity, academia and agility at its core.

Siemens lands its largest-ever digitalisation contract to fit out 30,000 DB Cargo trains.

Germany and Alstom combine to launch "world’s-first hydrogen cell train".

5 Minutes With… Val Scinteie, transportation business development manager at Kontron.

Solar-panelled tracks: a renewable plan that could support the world’s future energy demands.

SmartMetro: the global meeting place for senior metro, tram, and light rail technology experts.

5 Minutes With… Rishi Dutta, CIO at Public Transport Victoria.

Washington Metro racks up the thousands, announcing its 2024 fleet upgrade plans.

Network Rail scans in Scotland to improve safety for new trains on older tracks.

Switzerland meets “increased commuter demand” with nine-car Stadler tram-train deal.

HS2 parliamentary delay reported, as Crossrail declares Autumn 2019 set-back.

5 Minutes With… Thomas Joindot, chief technical officer at SNCF Réseau.

Sensor-based tech and lasers: the systems being trialled in Singapore to improve train reliability.

Watch: from 100kmh to 0 in 320m, the rail safety video from Transport New South Wales.

5 Minutes With… Peter Härdi, CEO of Comlab.

Czech Republic “supports international business” with 50-strong Bombardier order.

Guangzhou–Shenzhen-HK milestone reached, ahead of high-speed September launch.

Austrian Federal Railways signs €1.5 billion, 700-coach deal with Siemens.

UK aims to speed up Northern Powerhouse, with 5G scheme for superfast "reliable" internet.

5 Minutes With… Ian Wright, head of insight at Transport Focus.

50C temperatures and buckling tracks: how the UK rail industry copes during a heatwave.

Stadler Rail wins “smart electrification” deal to supply 71 trains and trams to Wales.

The Netherlands begin fleet accessibility programme, in line with other European efforts.

Network Rail looks to the skies in its latest efforts to identify issues on the track.

Branson's hyperloop set to build test facility in Spain – the company’s first in Europe.

Increase rail freight capacity post-Brexit for “attractive alternative” to road-based cargo, says report.

London North Eastern Railway tests new tech to help find seats “easier and quicker”.

Alstom sees Italy and France train and tram orders rise, in deals worth more than £300m.

Seth Rogan urges best behaviour on Toronto trains with 12 amusing announcements.

UK launches strategy to make transport inclusive for all with £300m fund.

SNCF signs Alstom train deal that will cut trainset costs by tens of millions of pounds.

Headliner: Melinda White Chief Executive Officer, Transit Wireless.

Singapore's Land Transport Authority signs up Bombardier for £460m, 396-train deal.

South Africa counts the costs as trains are "torched for fifth time in recent months".

Stationary safety: the Keolis simulator that's boosting drivers' skills in Massachusetts.

Bombardier and Hitachi begin legal bid to overturn £1.5bn Transport for London deal.

HS4Air: the rail connection that could link Gatwick with Heathrow in 15 minutes.

Deschamps, Southgate and Hazard among those honoured in underground World Cup tribute.

Read about the technology company that is taking customer experience to new heights in the rail industry.

Malaysia cuts Light Rail Transit Line 3 costs by £2.8bn, pushing completion back to 2024.

Rio Tinto begins inaugural journey of “world’s largest and longest robot”.

Argentina’s President Macri welcomes "greatest renewal of rails", doubling freight capacity.

Train stations at the heart of China's push to revolutionise its surveillance state.

Taiwan awards £330m joint contract for Taipei’s upcoming Metro Line 7.

Austrian Federal Railways continues 300-train Bombardier deal with £165 million order.

5 Minutes With… Michael Helta from Maryland Transit Administration.

Alstom begins Nigeria journey with signing of Lagos Blue Line metro deal.

Hitachi and Bombardier enter running for “once-in-a-lifetime” HS2 train building contract.

Freight given boost in Greece and Azerbaijan with new operator and rolling stock.

Estonia announces £15m signalling deal, calling on neighbours Finland to install it.

Secretary Chao breaks new ground on MBTA’s £1.7 billion Green Line Extension.

Middle East Mobility 2.0 – the digital revolution – our latest industry guide is now published.

Norway tests 'record-breaking' internet tunnel speeds, ahead of Follo Line Project.

Alstom to help keep Switzerland running like clockwork with ERTMS upgrade.

Freightliner and ONE: a new partnership that will reduce CO2 emissions by 67%.

5 Minutes With… Erik Johanson, director of innovation at SEPTA.

Environment and ticketing: two areas where tech can further improve London transport, says poll.

Amtrak and BNSF partnership enables 'first activation of PTC on host-owned territory'.

Transport for London awards Siemens £1.5bn Underground train building contract.

5 Minutes With… Kimberly Williams, chief innovation officer at Houston METRO.

Network Rail revises sustainable targets to rid single-use cups and plastic by 2020.

Siemens' new high-speed train Velaro Novo is presented to the world.

Hitachi delivers 1st TransPennine Express bullet-inspired train, ahead of 2019 roll-out.

UK rail industry highlights the benefits of freight, which in 2016 added £1.7bn to UK PLC.

Watch: Crossrail's progress six months before its maiden voyage.

Alstom joins Thales and Siemens in roll-out of ERTMS across Bane Nor's network.

Radwin to supply Ferrocarriles Argentinos with on-board system to enhance train security.

Roundtable report: what 24 industry leaders really think about the digital railway's progress.

£5 billion investment to transform embattled rail services across south and east Wales.

Watch: Will this Back to the Future-inspired flying train ever take off?

The inside story on how Hong Kong commuters have enjoyed underground connectivity since 1992.

Bangkok agree Thales ETCS deal that will boost commuter capacity by 40%.

Bombardier unveils latest sustainable freight train that helps streamline connections.

How Digi International is helping railroads overcome the PTC challenge.

5 Minutes With… Craig Ellis, chief technology officer at the Go-Ahead Group.

Munich public transport agency the latest to embrace on-demand car sharing.

“Mind blowing” Rio Tinto autonomous train tech earns official safety approval.

US economy loses $340bn in revenue due to years of transport underinvestment – APTA.

Breaches in the USA and Denmark cast a further spotlight on cyber security in the rail industry.

5 Minutes With… David Shipman, signalling innovations manager at Network Rail.

The self-powering unit improving safety in some of the world’s most remote locations.

Overhaul ticketing to reflect differing passenger needs – Rail Delivery Group.

Expert View: Maximizing the potential of Enterprise Asset Management through the Industrial Internet of Things.

Expert View: Mobilising data for the future of urban transport.

5 Minutes With… Ezequiel Lemos, president of Belgrano Cargas y Logística.

'Understanding the key threats and trends in transport safety and security' – our latest industry guide is now published.

Increase automation to decrease accidents, appeals Association of American Railroads.

Virgin Trains gives its customers a voice with Amazon Alexa ticketing partnership.

5 Minutes With… Carel Jonckheere, Smart Railway Programme Director at Infrabel.

ScotRail works to reduce suicide rate with release of new app.

Auckland approves multi-billion dollar transport plan to "unlock urban development".

Exploring the technologies that ease infrastructure requirements to enable smart cities transportation options.

European Commission, increase sustainable transport funding in post-Brexit budget – UITP.

5 Minutes With… John Voppen, chief operating officer at ProRail.

Big data, MaaS and state-of-the-art tech. A look back at SmartRail 2018.

White paper: Who owns your software and data in a public-private partnership? A deeper look at the technological aspects of a P3.

50% of all TfL pay as you go journeys are now made using contactless payments.

Thales signals its intent with deals to double capacity and improve connections.

Successfully Managing I.T. Change Within Rail: An Insider’s Guide – now published.

Who are the winners of the SmartRail World Innovation Awards 2018?

12 Expert Insights from Day Two of SmartRail 2018.

12 Expert Insights from Day One of SmartRail 2018.

Recycling on the networks: A look at operators' efforts in 2018.

5 Minutes With… James Shi from Taiwan High Speed Rail.

It's not just cars anymore. Uber adds public transport to app with new Masabi partnership.

Siemens wins biggest rail infrastructure order in its history, with Norway ETCS contract.

Illinois echoes Federal Railroad Administration safety campaign with £138m initiative.

Bombardier strengthens presence in Sweden with £320m high-speed train deal.

5 Minutes With… Natasha Maksymowski, rail cyber security advisor at the DfT.

Shortlist Announced: SmartRail World Innovation Awards 2018 .

How a VR trip through a 'future city' is aiming to offer insights into tech disruption.

Alstom signs £280m Trenitalia deal ahead of Siemens "merger of equals".

Video: The ten fastest trains in the world (from a 'mere' 443km/h to an astounding 603km/h).

"Courtesy and fairness" core to Elon Musk's new emphasis on public transport for project Loop.

Transport for London takes "huge-step" to double its communication capacity.

Long awaited Dublin metro plans finally progress with €3bn MetroLink announcement.

How only genuine innovation solves rail and metro’s biggest challenges.

Video: The US safety group helping keep selfie-seekers safer on the tracks.

Govia Thameslink Railway completes ATO-ETCS world-first on mainline rail.

Expert View: The smart railway. How operators are using digital tech in the fight for customers.

Norway's Bane Nor and Thales sign ambitious 2034 ERTMS signalling deal.

Sydney receives fully-automated Alstom train, ahead of inaugural 2019 journey.

5 Minutes With… Larry Jordan, president of Wi-Tronix.

From race track to train track – Singapore MRT and McLaren allying to apply F1 tech to rail.

Paris commuters urged to "raise the alarm" on sexual harassment with launch of new campaign.

MTA hunts for geniuses to upgrade a metro network “past its expiration date”.

India to enhance train safety and efficiency with £40m 3D simulator programme.

5 Minutes With… Ajit Kumar Mishra, chief project manager at DFCCIL.

Alstom aims to deliver “seamless connectivity” with purchase of Wi-Fi and infotainment company.

Six-country Gulf Cooperation Council rail network due to enter service "before 2024".

New drone standards updated to "accelerate innovation, boost productivity and enable trade".

Double delight for Siemens who secure CBTC contracts in Paris and Singapore.

5 Minutes With… Laura Wright, head of international policy at the Rail Delivery Group.

Video: China builds train station using 1,500 workers and 23 diggers… overnight.

Now accepting entries: SmartRail World Innovation Awards 2018. 

TSA begins testing suicide-bomb detectors at Penn Station, New York.

Mitsubishi Electric to deploy first CBTC for Japanese metros in Tokyo.

How using operational data is enabling a French revolution in future maintenance for SNCF.

Bombardier part of the team set to deliver new Automated People Mover to LAX.

5 Minutes With… Chris Lawrence, technical director at the RSSB.

Chicago to Cleveland lead race to become first cities connected by hyperloop.

Transformation of the signalling system on some of TfL’s oldest lines nears completion.

Mexico City Metro passes next stage of plan to provide Wi-Fi to 5.5m daily passengers.

Amtrak says it may suspended services on tracks without PTC from 2019.

5 Minutes With… Piia Karjalainen, senior manager at MaaS Alliance.

Video: An end to end journey through London’s new Elizabeth line tunnels.

Bombardier strengthens its Thai ties with rail education programme to grow regional expertise.

Hydrogen the favoured solution as UK government aims to scrap all diesel-only trains by 2040.

The benefits of wireless connectivity for the transportation industry – new White Paper.

How modernizing the commuter experience is at the heart of Toronto’s transit strategy. 

5 Minutes With… Dirk Van Den Wouwer, director R&D and product management for Televic Rail.

Energy reduction and eliminating fossil fuels included in Eurostar’s new 10-point sustainability plan.

PTC would have prevented South Carolina Amtrak crash – National Transportation Safety Board.

Smarter asset management for a more efficient rail network - our latest industry guide is now published.

Record £16bn budget for Indian Railways signals more capacity, safer stations and greener trains.

Video: How China builds a high-speed railway tunnel.

Ford moves beyond the car, investing in startups that have Mobility as a Service and connectivity at their core. 

Revealed! A rail operator's guide to public transport etiquette.

Watch: Bay Area Rapid Transit unveils its passenger-developed train fleet.

Alstom to test autonomous-style freight trains in bid to improve safety and increase efficiency.

5 Minutes With… Lies Alderlieste-de Wit, CISO of Nederlandse Spoorwegen.

Exhibition report: Transport Ticketing Global 2018.

Partnership established to support growth of next-gen materials and 3D rail components.

Project focus: Digital transformation on the construction of the MRT Sungai Buloh to Putrajaya Line, Klang Valley, Malaysia.

Estonia and Lithuania design tenders signal next stage of Rail Baltica network.

Five key technologies set to change rail and metro in 2018.

India begins ambitious Wi-Fi plan that will equip 8,500 rail stations across the country by 2019.

Israel gives Passover date for Jerusalem-Tel Aviv line, despite strong State Comptroller disagreement.

Carillion collapse casts critical spotlight on rail project contracting and finance.

Adidas offers trainer-shaped ticket for Berlin commuters.

Virgin Hyperloop One shares its seamless travel vision with release of debut app.

How the digital future is actually a digital present for a host of rail and metro operators around the world.

Aecom wins major infrastructure contract on Malaysia's East Coast Rail Link.

Chinese-built and funded Ethiopia-Djibouti electric rail line begins commercial operations.

US Transport Secretary "concerned" about PTC implementation as reminder of approaching deadline issued.

186 years of transit tokens being used for fare collection in the US to come to an end.

Bombardier end 2017 on a high with contract to provide 32 Double-Deck trainsets for central France.

London Bridge station a "shining example" as it fully reopens after £1 billion, five-year redevelopment.

Season's greetings from all here at SmartRail World!

NTSB to determine why Amtrak train was travelling at more than double the speed limit prior to fatal derailment.

Florida's Brightline announces phase 2 ahead of 2018 launch.

Bombardier strengthens signalling and ERTMS offering with Australia and Sweden news.

5 Minutes With… Bob Golden, CEO of The GBS Group.

Harness solar power to run electric trains, says Imperial College report.

Germany adds to high speed rail portfolio with 300-mile Berlin-Munich line.

Iraq-Alstom agreement signals better rail, with Baghdad and Basra set to benefit.

‘Digital transformation: from smarter planning to better performance’ – our latest industry guide is now published.

Japan completes 5G train test, ahead of planned 2020 roll out.

Expert View: Getting on board with new technology to drive business growth.

Manila Metro recruits Mitsubishi and CAF to supply 120 train units by 2022.

Six of our favourite metro maps from around the world.

Revealed: passengers' top 10 priorities for improvement.

Now open: the £2.1bn metro easing Hyderabad's commuter congestion.

Introducing the Cartube – fusing mass transport and automated cars in a bold vision for tomorrow's cities.

Transport for London initiates talks with manufacturers over upcoming DLR trains.

Eight unique (and amusing) rail and metro posters from around the world.

‘Creating new revenue streams for rail and metro operators’ our latest industry guide is now published.

Tesla’s Musk predicts “economic suicide” for rail… with a solar-powered truck.

The inside story on how the startup Railnova is helping rail companies transform their fleet management and maintenance.

India trials satellite-enabled warning system, following on from Italy ERTMS tests.

Six of the best video rail adverts from around the world.

Work in Progress: Crossrail, Europe's biggest infrastructure project.

All aboard for gyms, relaxation pods and gaming areas as Deutsche Bahn unveils Idea Train.

How a 100+ years of bearing and railway experience is helping revolutionise maintenance.

Eurasian rail tech leaders to gather in Turkey to take advantage of $545bn of regional opportunities.

Four technologies transport authorities are using to make their passengers’ journeys safer.

'Tracks into the future: Digital signalling and train control' – our latest industry guide is now published.

An incredible map showing what Southeast Asia rail networks could look like.

The cloud-based tech that can improve safety through direct interaction with passengers.

5 minutes with… Joseph Holmes, business strategy and insights at First Transit.

Video of the Week: Network Rail secures track with help from the Far East.

Delivering “high–tech in a simple way” on rail’s increasingly complex digital networks.

Europe's cities perform strongly in latest sustainability mobility index.

Keolis joint venture awarded 20-year CBTC contract in Shanghai.

Cubic to improve New York journeys, with London-style fare payment system.

Bombardier and CAF to supply West Midlands with 400-strong fleet.

How you can partner with SmartRail World in 2018 and reach our global community of rail and metro professionals.

Virgin's Branson takes front seat in development of hyperloop.

Kobe Steel admits 'improper conduct' over substandard metal scandal.

5 minutes with… Mark Joseph, global chief development officer, Transdev Group.

Rail leaves nothing to chance in fight against seasonal scourge.

Bentley OpenRail: planning, engineering, project delivery and operations.

Now published: The Rail and Metro Innovation Guide 2018, featuring over 300 companies & exclusive features & data.

Rio Tinto breaks new ground with world's first autonomous rail journey.

Video of the Week: Siemens-Südostbahn ticket-free smartphone app.

5 minutes with… Jo Willacy, commercial director at Eurotunnel.

Work in Progress: Doha Metro, Herrenknecht and its record-breaking tunnels.

Expert View: How smart cities rail systems take advantage of a low power wide area network.

Headliner: Billy D’Arcy, Chief Executive Officer of BAI Communications UK.

Negotiations underway, as Siemens is named main bidder in Israel.

Video of the Week: Perth passenger risks life as Rail Safety Week takes place in UK.

5 minutes with... Jacqui Dey, operations director at South Western Railway.

Five remarkable technologies breaking down the barriers of transport ticketing.

Siemens and Alstom agree a “merger of equals” to form new European rail champion.

US rail quickly rallies to pick up the pieces post Hurricane Irma.

UK to invest £5m on signals for first digitally controlled mainline.

Video of the Week: China resets world's fastest bullet train record.

White Paper: Are you effectively leveraging emerging technologies to better manage your rail network?

Behind the liveries: Who owns what on the UK rail network? (Part Two).

The future of transport ticketing - BYOT, Mobile, Gate Retrofitting, Account Based and SDKs.

Tiger Rail bolsters freight options between China and Europe.

5 minutes with... Michael Deittrick, global chief technology officer at DXC Technology.

Video of the Week: Thameslink Programme upgrade.

Amtrak to get 300+ train diesel fleet PTC-ready for 2018 deadline.

Drones' capabilities brought into sharp focus, as hurricanes continue.

Wi-Fi use + big data analytics = better passenger journeys in London?

5 minutes with… Lauren Isaac, Director of Business Initiatives, EasyMile.

Behind the liveries: Who owns what on the UK rail network? (Part One).

Amtrak leads the charge with Siemens trains and high-tech hub.

Renewable target moves closer as 750 Indian railway stations receive solar boost.

5 minutes with... Paula Hunter, Executive Director at NFC Forum.

PTC equipped San Francisco commuter train departs for first time.

Iran set for rail revolution with funding from China and Russia.

50% of all Anglo-Scottish journeys possible by rail by 2023 – Transform Scotland

5 Minutes With… Marcelo Bravo, Director, Rail Solutions, Trapeze Group.

Video of the Week: The Avelia Liberty, the Northeast Corridor’s incoming high-speed service.

Ensuring Ethernet networks keep pace with our demanding and evolving industry.

Sweden announces €1bn high speed network as China reinstates its own.

Open access pioneers Locomore saved from insolvency by bus-rail consortium.

5 minutes with… Shane Quinn, CEO, Vix Technology.

TSA advises robust security measures after Al-Qaeda urges train terror.

Bangkok to improve 400,000 commuter journeys with Bombardier monorail

Japanese rail company JR East begins UK journey with £1bn contract.

5 Minutes With… Serge Chelly, CEO, IKOS Consulting.

Baltimore's metro and CBTC system to be redesigned by Hitachi and Ansaldo.

Video of the Week: Lord of the Rails.

TransLoc and Google collaborate to deliver free transit information on Google Maps.

‘New frontiers in transport ticketing’ industry guide now available to download for free.

5 minutes with… Faye DiMassimo, General Manager, Renew Atlanta.

Video of the Week: Dublin's trams release shocking footage as part of new campaign.

Caltrain wins the $1.3 billion electrification project despite federal struggles.

How the rail industry scaled new heights to help vulnerable children around the world.

Whilst the industry is moving forward with tech advancements, is it leaving its passengers behind?

5 minutes with... Tim Healy, Marketing & Creative Services Director at Sound Transit.

Video of the week: The race to create hyperloop rallies on after first successful test ride.

Thai government approves their first high-speed rail line.

Alstom delivers the first set of 600 X’Ttrapolis Mega trains to revitalise South Africa's rail network.

The CBTC solution aiming to "provide truly integrated mobility for Malaysia."

HS2 announces winners for the £6.6 billion contract as stage one gets underway.

The handy way to travel on public transport?

Video of the Week: How is Trenitalia using the Internet of Things to transform their high-speed fleet?

5 minutes with … Terina Keene, CEO at Railway Children.

£92 million of funding awarded to UK railway research.

Officials launch audit after new concerns that PTC won’t be ready by 2018.

Expert View: Track maintenance in increasingly shortening windows of opportunity.

Japan tests the next generation bullet train eyeing the 360km/h target.

France champions again with not one but two new high-speed rail lines.

Video of the Week: How to improve railway track design.

5 minutes with... Toni Hytönen, Head of Risk Management Group, VR Track.

New Zealand extends electronic ticketing gates across Auckland.

New York riders will see a "complete overhaul" to their subway in coming months.

Cybercrime and terrorism, the growing twin threats to rail and metro.

5 fascinating future rail trends and when we can expect to see them.

Video of the Week: China unveils the first track-less train... or is it just a bus?

5 minutes with... Anne Sjögren Schmidt, Traffic Information Manager for MTR Stockholm Metro.

Why is one transit agency replacing camera decoys with real CCTV?

Exclusive: Gaining the trust and building the models to deliver unprecedented connectivity to passengers.

Urban mobility goes airborne as Dubai set to trial pilotless self-driving air taxis this year (+ video).

Bombardier take €1bn advantage of franchise change to secure huge new UK contract. 

Video of the Week: Diving down into the depths of the Channel Tunnel.

5 Minutes with… Michael Thiel, CEO at Frauscher Sensor Technology.

White Paper: Smarter testing to ensure software bugs don't cause major rail and metro problems.

New study from MBTA aims to satisfy passenger needs and prepare for their future demands.

The beer train - reaching thirsty Belgians and easing congestion on the nation's roads.

Are industry collaborations the only way to deliver the on-board services that passengers deserve?

Video of the Week: An update on Australia's Mernda rail extension project.

5 minutes with... Phillipe Gauderon, Head of the Infrastructure Division Member of the Group Management Board SBB AG.

Pennsylvania could become the first transit system to deploy suicide prevention barriers.

Red signal faults could be reduced further thanks to Big Data software.

The international partnership delivering passenger Wi-Fi to the St. Petersburg Metro.

Expert view: Turning streetviews into railviews: cost savings in the rail industry.

The twisting and turning tale of Britain's tilting trains.

Video of the Week: All aboard the world's first hydrogen commuter train!

5 minutes with… Peter Traynor, Managing Director at Railbookers.

The contactless payment technology that has travelled from warzone to buffet cart.

Plan your next Easter break with Eurostar on the new London-Amsterdam line!

The new and improved Silk Road looking to improve connectivity between three Eurasian countries.

TfL "keen to offer full mobile coverage" for London's commuters.

California, Florida, New York and 10 other US states will receive $197 million to fund PTC upgrades.

Video of the Week: Siemens introduce their new light rail vehicles.

5 minutes with... Marius Macku, Senior Associate, Public Policy & Government Policy for Uber.

Want to change urban transportation demands? Change human behaviour first.

As the DLR hits 30, the search begins to supply its new generation of carriages.

Learn what the next generation of rail and metro wireless communications can deliver with our 24th industry guide.

Semi-high speed rail upgrade will be a “significant investment” for one of India's busiest line.

5 minutes with... Andreas Willich, Head of Passenger Transport at BLS.

Exclusive: Going underground to visit Crossrail’s new Farringdon Station.

Alstom begins implementation of "vital" €20m Automatic Train Operation in Paris.

Bombardier signs $700 million deal with IBM to boost IT innovation and reduce costs.

Who are the new start-ups shortlisted by TfL to keep London moving?

Indonesia's first high-speed rail project is back on track to meet its 2018 completion date.

Video of the Week: Japan continues to deliver on opulence with the Twilight Express Mizukaze.

5 minutes with... Gerry Culligan, Commercial Director for Irish Rail.

Virgin, Stagecoach and SNCF join forces to create “a powerful world class partnership” in an attempt to win the HS2 bid.

Seattle aspires to make engineering history with the first floating rail bridge.

The inside story on how non-stop connectivity was delivered to riders on the New York Subway.

The international partnership aiming to make the 'connected train' a reality.

Rail operators among those falling victim to world’s biggest ever cyber-attack.

Rail intelligence exclusively for SmartRail World readers!

Video of the Week: Chinese built rail line hopes to unlock the potential for East Africa.

5 minutes with... Ståle Hagen, Norwegian Rail Directorate.

The Boring Company? Going underground with Elon Musk’s latest transport idea.

Expert View: Why a change is needed in rail industry thinking about cybersecurity.

Ex-software developer is driven to construct Chicago's new rail line.

How could one novel solution transform the future of cargo using our railways?

Shocking air pollution study shows that Canada’s subway is as high as levels in Beijing.

5 minutes with... Simon Reed, Head of Bus Systems & Technology at TFL.

Video of the Week: The most beautiful train journey in the world.

Bombardier’s joint venture wins $79 million contract to build 40 new high-speed cars in China.

On the Go travel station network has been deployed in 30 US subways.

Transport Canada invests in rail safety awareness projects worth $20 million.

A new collaboration in Singapore pledges to improve rail repairs and maintenance.

MTA announce that “every day is Earth Day” as they launch latest public transit report.

Video of the Week: The past, present and future of rail travel along the East Coast mainline.

5 minutes with... Paul Boyle, Head of ERTMS at Virgin Trains East Coast.

Expert view: Combating the increasingly sophisticated digital threat to rail and metro.

Arriva launches new digital network to connect passengers with lost valuables.

Alstom celebrates 25 years of pioneering history for high-speed innovation in Spain.

Siemens’ new platform to showcase digital infrastructure opportunities for US transit.

The eerie train graveyards where locomotives go once they run out of steam.

Video of the Week: The world’s strangest and most extreme trains and locomotives.

5 minutes with... Ellen Linnenkamp, Managing Director at Strukton Rail, North America.

How is one study looking to the future of urban mobility to drive the right changes in technology, fuel and policy?

Seattle light rail to run on 100% clean energy by 2019.

Introducing the driverless, electric, modular trains that German researchers see as freight's future. 

China penetrates the US market after formal agreement between CRRC and Chicago transit.

Are Bombardier Transportation and Siemens Mobility about to merge?

How one company is harnessing the technology behind driverless cars to launch the autonomous train revolution.

An exclusive insight into the solution delivering greater control, efficiency and flexibility in rail control rooms around the world.

How is BART's Warm Springs station their greenest station yet?

Transport for London are seeking "a long term partner" to restore the iconic South Kensington tube station.

Video of the Week: How is one vehicle looking to the skies to respond to the growing congestion in our cities?

5 minutes with... Heidi Kymäläinen, Head of Safety, Quality and Environment at VR Track.

A rail campaign has been launched to highlight ridership diversity.

Who are the winners of the SmartRail Europe Innovation Awards 2017?

Ten speaker insights from day one of SmartRail Europe 2017. 

New safety train will offer free training across 23 American states to improve railroad education.

When can São Paulo expect its $8.5 billion inter-city rail network to arrive?

Hyperloop edges a step closer to commercial success.

Video of the Week: South Fremont station opens in California.

5 minutes with... Jonathan Risto, Mentor and Community Instructor at SANS.

An insider's guide to protecting rail and metro from cyber security threats - published today.

Expert view: Identifying problems before they become delays.

Nokia successfully installs communications network on Malaysia’s first rapid transit line.

Alstom delivers the first modern signalling system for Serbia's tracks.

A new polymer bridge could provide a safer alternative to level crossings.

Video of the Week: The most artistic metro in the world.

5 Minutes with… Åsa Elm, Head of Corporate Communications, MTR Nordic.

Austin trials the “robot bus” hoped to adapt to the state's changing mobility needs.

Step aboard the ‘Island of Four Seasons’ the opulent Japanese train setting new standards in luxury and design.

How selecting the correct technologies is essential to keep the modern rail passenger happy.

With less than two years to the PTC installation deadline, how much is still to be done?

Financial consortium consider the feasibility of the world’s longest undersea tunnel.

Video of the week: Dublin to Cork by train in 83 seconds.

5 minutes with... Peter Guy, Group Business Continuity Manager at Network Rail.

Special report part #2: Why more women should work in rail... and why they don't at the moment.

Expert View: Ensuring operational, tactical and strategic competence in crowded rail environments.

Rail fatalities have seen an "unprecedented" fall in the past ten years thanks to rigorous safety measures.

Thales wins contract to deliver CBTC as part of €2.6 billion Dubai Red Line project.

An Asian first as China will deliver new hydrogen light rail service.

Video of the Week: What can we expect from Riyadh's metro in 2018?

5 minutes with... Helga Nes, Executive Vice President for Infrastructure and Construction at Bane NOR.

How is satellite technology expected to monitor and manage rail traffic on European tracks?

'Using Data to Enhance Rail and Metro Operational Performance' industry guide now published.

Special report part #1: Why are less than a quarter of rail employees women?

Why has Melbourne's sky rail project caused such controversy?

The challenge of protecting transit and passenger rail: understanding how security works against terrorism.

Dutch railways will enhance their IT rail connectivity between Netherlands and Belgium.

5 minutes with... Paul Comfort, Chief Executive Officer, MTA Maryland

Video of the Week: Waterloo station finally receives an upgrade.

Singapore becomes the first Asian country to trial contactless ticketing for its public services.

Algeria’s new mainline railway is “underway and progressing extremely well”.

Asia’s infrastructure needs of $1.7 trillion per year threaten growth in the region.

PTC developments are still on track to meet 2018 deadline.

Ten years on and Israel finally approve their second interurban light-rail project.

5 Minutes With... Dr. Edwin Lohmann, Director, Business Unit Workforce North America, Quintiq.

Video of the Week: Powering the trains of tomorrow.

How do you keep your passengers connected, even while travelling at high-speed?

Stadler signs £700 million deal to replace the UK's oldest fleet on Liverpool’s Merseytravel line.

The digital railway gathers pace as SNCF enlist IBM's Watson supercomputer.

Rhine Valley passengers to be first to enjoy Siemens' new modular Mireo trainsets.

Video of the week: Drone footage of the UK’s first scheduled steam locomotive in 50 years.

In the US only 14% of engineers are women; now GE’s aiming to bridge the STEM gender gap by 2020.

Arrivo become the latest contenders in the race to commercialise the Hyperloop.

How a bio-based coating has created a greener way to paint your train… whatever colour you want!

Trump again laments lack of US high-speed rail; visiting Japan PM offers help.

London's Bakerloo extension edges towards 2029 completion.

5 Minutes with… Chris Roberts, Vice President and Business Line Director - Asset Management and Business Strategy at WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff.

Video of the Week: Flash mob on Copenhagen's Metro.

Five US states have shown their "readiness" to become smart cities of the future.

The ten fastest trains in the world… 1801 to present.

Luxurious Eurostar business lounge will “transform the travellers’ journey.”

Taiwan's high-speed rail ten years on. 

Video of the Week: Inside a Siemens Factory.

5 minutes with... Federica Santini, CSO for Trenitalia.

How essential insights from the MTR Academy of Hong Kong are facilitating the industry’s growth.

How CP are partnering with Parks Canada to help avoid bear-train collisions.

UK rail companies to undergo most radical overhaul of train fares for more than 30 years.

How can Twitter offer real-time data to improve subway operations?

Guadalajara metro takes first delivery of Alstom's Metropolis trains.

Uber ties up North Carolina partnership to “eliminate transit deserts”.

Keeping Pace with the Demands of the Digital Passenger – now published! 

Video of the Week: Toulouse welcomes the hyperloop.

The innovative asset management approach of WSP giving Singapore’s MRT a new lease of life.

Hitachi Rail reveal the latest trains to rock Italy's tracks.

New York deploy new technology to vacuum the tracks clean.

Autonomous vehicles: the opportunity and threat for public transport.

Britain's HS2 project is seeking “the world’s most advanced rolling stock.”

Now accepting entries: SmartRail Europe Innovation Awards 2017.

Video of the Week: US Dept. for Transport launches new safety campaign.

Rail app delivers India's next generation e-ticketing system.

Obama confirms investment of $1.1 billion to improve Chicago’s Red Line.

Bombardier deliver the first Innovia Automated People Mover to China.

CBTC in New York development continues as $223.3 million contract awarded.

12 of the most amazing rail journeys from across the world!

Video of the Week: A day in the life of a Tube Driver.

5 minutes with… Alidad Moghaddam, European Director of Trainline for Business

The EU will fund Warsaw’s €432 million metro to improve “sustainable urban mobility.”

Seven rail technology trends set to shape our industry in 2017.

Germany set to “advance digitalisation and interconnection” with nationwide e-tickets.

The world’s first railway to produce 100% of its energy from wind turbines.

Why has train surfing become a modern phenomenon for all the wrong reasons?

Video of the Week: What can we expect in rail by 2045?

5 minutes with... Hayley Magorian, Project Management Graduate Trainee at Transport for London (TfL)

China extend their rail freight service to London to boost trade opportunities.

Why it's now time for Siemens to modernise Peru's Lima Metro.

A Century on, New Yorkers finally ride the Second Avenue Subway.

Revealed! SmartRail World’s most read stories of 2016. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from SmartRail World!

"In order to keep moving forward" upgrades are recommended for America's Northeast Corridor.

Big Data analysis of 50m+ global transit users reveals key trends.

The rail technology at the heart of the UK’s biggest transport crisis in decades.

5 minutes with… Tam Hunt, CEO of Solar Trains LLC

Video of the Week: All aboard Canada Pacific's holiday train!

Hitachi’s first UK built intercity express will “bring UK rail travel firmly into the 21st century.”

California's new autonomous vehicle to help solve "first last mile" challenge.

Four major projects shaping the future of rail in India.

The longest and deepest rail tunnel in the world opens for business.

Video of the Week: Inside London's mail rail.

5 Minutes with… Min Cheol Jeong, CEO and President NeoTrans (South Korea).

Expert View: Why voters said ‘yes’ to public transportation on November 8.

A Practical Guide to Asset Management for Rail and Metro - published today!

Special feature: Where is Australia's high-speed rail network?

Charlotte to receive "the industry’s most modern streetcars" from Siemens.

Car giant VW make play for the 'urban mobility’ space with launch of MOIA.

As regional tension rises, Russia revives their Cold War era nuclear missile trains.

Video of the Week: China's first Skytrain.

5 Minutes With … Sayeh Ghanbari, Partner, EY.

London Underground are now tracking passenger wi-fi connections to help improve operations.

Six of the most artistic metros in the world.

Innovation focus: NeoTrans (DX Line), South Korea’s driverless heavy rail metro.

€585m contract for Bombardier to deliver double deckers with focus on "comfort and style".

San Francisco’s subway targeted by hackers for a $73,000 ransom.

Chinese cash aims to help realise Europe-Asia high-speed dream.

5 minutes with…Tom Kirschbaum, Co-Founder and COO, Door2Door.

Video of the Week... An insight into China's high-speed rail production line.

SmartRail Speaks: William Watkins, Transportation Practice Director, Fujitsu Network Communications.

Technology is the only way to grow the UK rail industry according to leading experts.

APTA announces that rail is on target to meet the new PTC deadline.

Could Hyperloop One bring the “fifth mode of transport” to Dubai and Abu Dhabi as early as 2021?

5 Minutes With… David Klein, North American Manager, Moovit

Video of the Week: Crossrail the Musical!

How the Internet-of-Things is helping deliver a cloud-based PTC solution for a safer rail network.

Moscow Metro's unique Wi-Fi network sets another new industry benchmark.

Seven dead in first fatal UK tram accident in 57 years; industry reacts as investigation gets underway.

Positive outlook for infrastructure projects predicted as Louis Berger expands further. 

Automatic gauge change technology enables new Moscow - Berlin line.

5 minutes with… Carlos Esquíroz, Director of Engineering and Maintenance at Metro de Madrid

Video of the Week: Danger on one of the busiest railways in the world.

Special report: How five major African rail projects are supported by China.

What does Donald Trump's victory mean for the US rail industry?

HackTrain 3.0 – hacking the rail industry once again!

An amazing new map of all proposed railways in Southeast Asia offers a glimpse into the future.

Wi-fi will be six times faster on-board Amtrak's Acela Express.

How these remarkable water taxis are aiming to make Paris commuting plain sailing.

Video of the Week: Be amazed by the magic disappearing rail tickets.

8 global rail projects harnessing the power of solar energy.

Expert guide: How to improve passenger experience and generate new revenue streams.

The first US Autonomous Transport System to be launched in Tampa Bay.

Expert view: Why are hydrail trains running so late?

600km/h! China eyes ambitious new maglev speed target.

Video of the Week: Upgrading a 130 year old underwater rail tunnel.

5 minutes with... John Guiry, Chief Executive Officer, Royal Railways Cambodia.

Electrification at 9,350ft; the Metro de Quito forges ahead.

Who has won the 2016 SmartTransit Innovation Awards?

New optical fibre solution to improve maintenance and monitoring to launch in Singapore.

Keeping rail passengers connected today and tomorrow.

How gamification of travel is aiming to boost ridership in Italy.

The next stage of the world’s largest metro project is now underway.

5 minutes with... Joubert Flores, Engineering Director at Metro Rio.

How one US metro is deploying a very old fashioned solution to a classic problem.

After 24 months of talks, Keolis finally wins TCL bid.

Eurostar announce the London to Amsterdam line amid "challenging environment".

12 fantastic new pictures from London's Crossrail development.

An editor's preview into this year's SmartMetro event (Copenhagen, 1-3 Nov)

Expert View: Transport infrastructure - we keep building what we don't need!

Partner with SmartRail World and hit those big 2017 targets.

MTA to deliver smart ticketing for smart New Yorkers.

Tel Aviv to Jerusalem rail project aims to do "what was done 200 years ago in the US."

5 minutes with… Robert T. McCarthy, Chief Safety Officer at Keolis Commuter Services

How SmartTray is helping passengers transform their on-board experience.

Free tickets for all railroaders, metro workers and government employees to the mass transit event of the year.

Details confirmed for £900 million largest ever privately procured train order in the UK.

From post office to train station; inside New York's latest transit development. 

East meets West as TÜV Nord and CRRC forge strategic alliance.

5 Minutes With... Brian Zanghi, CEO of Masabi

Now published - ‘ASEAN Rail and Metro – Maximising the Potential’.

The numbers behind the changing face of the UK rail industry.

5 minutes with… John Lewis, Chief Executive Officer of Charlotte Area Transit System

Live from Innotrans: Innovation Diary Day #4

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Live from Innotrans: Innovation Diary Day #2.

Live from InnoTrans: Innovation Diary Day #1.

5 Minutes with… Dono Boestami, President Director, Jakarta MRT

Introducing the gigabit per seconds solution to changing rail industry demands.

Your perfect preparation for Innotrans - the 2017 Rail and Metro Innovation Guide.

China's high-speed rail hits the 20,000 km mark but financial issues persist.

An open data compilation from 270 U.S. transit agencies is released by the DOT.

Digital ETCS signalling system approved for UK passenger trains.

The SmartTransit Innovation Awards 2016 are now accepting entries.

5 minutes with… Andy Byford, Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Transit Commission

SNCF and Alstom forge 'innovation partnership' for the next generation TGV.

Refurbished double-deckers for the “modern traveller” unveiled in the Netherlands.

New BART Trains to showcase environmentally friendly features.

One of the world's oldest stations to be redeveloped with help of virtual reality.  

5 Minutes With…. David Block-Schachter, Chief Technology Office at the MBTA.

Rail Asia magazine: free and exclusive for SmartRail readers.

Tokyo Metro to trial using its trains to move packages and parcels.

Expert View: The security concerns facing the rail industry’s adoption of GNSS.

5 minutes with… David Metz, Honorary Professor, Centre for Transport Studies at University College London, formerly Chief Scientist, Department for Transport.

Connecticut transport chiefs trialling drone use for bridge inspection.

Undersea Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel megaproject progresses as study commissioned.

Introducing Wick Moorman, the next President and CEO of Amtrak.

Video: How high-speed rail would radically improve travel in the USA.

5 minutes with… Gavin James, Programme Manager Digital and Telecommunications for the UK Department for Transport.

How “augmented reality lite" is aiming to improve rail efficiency in Boston.

London finally set to join the 24-hour a day metro club.

Caltrain awards $1.25bn of contracts for ambitious modernization program.

As the market for new high-speed trains decreases, Chinese dominance continues.

5 minutes with… Allyson Teevan, Marketing and Communications Manager at Alexandria Transit Company (DASH)

First ‘real world’ 4G LTE on transit trial completes in Paris.

Generating $274 billion in 2014, freight railroads remain a pillar of the US economy.

Free industry guide - Urban Rail and Metro: Solutions for a Changing Industry.

A very modern solution to a very old problem of counting passengers.

5 Minutes With… Tim Healy, Marketing & Creative Services Director at Sound Transit

€353m Brussels Metro contract awarded; 43+ trainsets and CBTC upgrade.

An Asian first as Singapore commuters able to use bank cards as contactless tickets.

Video: Building a Bombardier Elizabeth line train in 2 minutes 11 seconds.

Deutsche Bahn and Hyperloop TT to build 'Innovation Train' by 2018.

5 Minutes With… Azmi Abdul Aziz, President and Group CEO for Prasarana Malaysia.

Railroads and unions again clash on the issue of two-person crews.

Signalling boost for the 'rocket to the rooftop of the world' railway.

Introducing Clip-Air, the plane that aims to seamlessly transition air to rail. 

Report shows “exponential” global growth for automated metros; set to quadruple in the coming decade.

The latest threat to rail passenger safety… Pokémon GO.

Singapore and Malaysia HSR project a "game-changer" for ASEAN rail.

New Yorkers! Here's a sneak preview of your new transit experience...

Signalling system and delayed upgrades in spotlight after Italian collision kills 27.

5 Minutes With… Fraser Brown, Director, Heathrow Express.

Miami Beach light rail / streetcar project gets green light.

Transport for London seeks new revenues as its contactless ticketing system is licenced.

Chinese exports under spotlight as 26 faulty trains returned by Singapore.

Expert view: the rail data analytics helping fans in a summer of sport.

5 minutes with... Philippe Leguay, International Director Urban Railway Transport Systems at Keolis

The 'robot on rails' that performs inspection and first response work.

Free e-book: Putting Public Transport at the Heart of Tomorrow's Smart Cities.

How a 1,200 person elevated 'bus on rails' aims to shake up urban transport.

3-year project announces solutions for quieter rail infrastructure.

5 minutes with... Adeline Ginn, Founder of Women in Rail

Driverless vehicles to "plug multiple gaps" in transport networks.

How a “Willy Wonka” style elevator aims to ease pressure on metro stations.

Details confirmed for next generation of Shinkansen trains.

Green light for radical modernisation of Transport for London signalling.

5 minutes with… Leanne Redden, Executive Director, RTA Chicago

Britain to leave the EU; the rail industry responds.

Video highlights & interviews from SmartRail Europe.

$12 billion committed to Sydney driverless metro mega project.

How does a 100-tonne train get towed by a car for 10km?

Rail and Brexit; remain or leave? The industry verdict is in!

5 minutes with… Andrea Giuricin, CEO TRA consulting, strategic consultant for NTV.

The largest light rail operator in the United States turns 20.

DB tells staff and unions to prepare for driverless operations by 2021.

Chinese label XpressWest high-speed rail "irresponsible” after project axe.

Alstom opens Rio’s tramway ready for the 2016 Olympic Games.

5 minutes with… Dr. Joshua L. Schank, Chief Innovation Officer at LA Metro.

Ottawa confirms $780m+ commitment to Light Rail Transit expansion.

Amtrak takes delivery of 70th and final new high-efficiency Cities Sprinter. 

Claim your free Rail & Metro Innovation Guide 2017 listing today!

How an open data commitment is delivering rewards for London transport.

Freight and passenger trains in fatal collision in Belgium; cause unknown.

5 minutes with… Will Phillipson, Co-Founder & President of SilverRail Technologies.

Video: Going underground in the world's longest and deepest rail tunnel.

The growing importance of computing health management for rail.

The Metro becoming the world’s first to run on mainly renewable energy.

Expanding Bangkok orders 22 new metro trains to support city’s growth.

5 minutes with… Shyam Kannan, Managing Director of Planning at WMATA.

How high-speed rail can learn from Japan’s earthquake early warning system.

€46 million awarded to Alstom for upgrades to China’s longest metro line in Shanghai.

The new tech solutions maintaining safety in a changing rail industry.

5 minutes with… Bill Hopkins, Operations Director at Trainline.

The rail executive who has moved from running a network to leading his country…

Rolling stock and signalling contracts for huge Klang Valley project awarded.

Innovative new digital track inspection vehicle ordered for New York.

Hyperloop accelerates with testing and industry giants as new partners.

Your Last International Rail News Roundup (13th May 2016)

9 major factors shaping the future of the rail industry.

Recycling: are rail companies really doing enough?

Have your say! Brexit and the European rail industry.

10 steps to improve public transit's Twitter image.

International Rail News Roundup (6th May 2016)

The driverless trains for Honolulu's rail project are unwrapped.

Inside story; replacing a 1970s-era signalling and train control system.

Case Study: How Irish Rail improved operational efficiencies and fleet performance.

Ruler aims for 25% of all Dubai transportation being smart and driverless by 2030.

International Rail News Roundup (29th April 2016)

€100 million UK Network Rail resignalling contract secured by Alstom. 

European 'Smart Cities' inspiration for Transportation Secretary Foxx.

April rail and metro tenders: who wants what and where?

Arabian mares and dhow’s influence the design of new Qatari trains.

Launch of world’s longest driverless freight railway is delayed in Australia.

International Rail News Roundup (22nd April 2016)

All aboard the ghost train… Next stop Tokyo.

15 speaker insights from Day Two of SmartRail Europe 2016

Winners of the SmartRail Europe Innovation Awards 2016 Announced

15 speaker insights from Day One of SmartRail Europe 2016

SmartRail Speaks: Gottfried Eymer, CEO, DB Cargo Scandinavia.

International Rail News Roundup (15th April 2016)

Video: First BART 'Fleet of the Future' test car arrives.

“We apologise for the delay.” Why delay repay has come into focus in the UK.

Expert View: Integration and alignment of PTC track data with legacy dispatch data.

International Rail News Roundup (8th April 2016)

How US State DOTs are using drones to improve safety, collect data and cut costs

What’s in a name? The stories behind seven quirky smartcards.

Digital dashboard opens performance data for MBTA passengers.

International Rail News Roundup (01st April 2016)

How video surveillance is revolutionizing transit system security.

Germany joins ranks of nations offering women-only rail carriages.

CBTC tackles Copenhagen’s growth and aims for 25% headway reduction.

International Rail News Roundup (24th March 2016)

March rail and metro tenders: who wants what and where?

What do ride-sourcers like Uber really mean for public transport?

Slovakia may beat California in race for site of the first Hyperloop.

International Rail News Roundup (18th March 2016)

Virtual ticketing agent comes online for passengers at UK airport.

Metra's "ground-breaking" new close call reporting initiative launched.

Alstom build new plant for next generation of South Africa's trains.

International Rail News Roundup (11th March 2016)

Anatomy of a $1.3bn deal; China’s CSR and Chicago's new railcars.

Industry seeks new responses to tackle the rising rail suicide rate.

New £200 million driverless trains unveiled for Glasgow Subway system.

Which U.S. city has the best public transport network?

International Rail News Roundup (4th March 2016)

European freight rail giant rebrands as DB Cargo.

Collapsed rail station the focus for Europe’s biggest ever disaster training exercise.

Free e-book: 'Innovative IT for Improved Rail Performance'.

3p a minute rail auto-compensation scheme comes online in the UK.

International Rail News Roundup (26th February 2016)

Life in the fast lane; ranking the world’s 20 high-speed trains.

Driverless trains revealed for Riyadh; the world’s largest metro project.

Keeping the 21st century rail passenger connected and entertained.

Investment focus: BNSF’s $4.3 billion 2016 capital expenditure plan.

International Rail News Roundup (19th February 2016)

Alstom to lead €450m project helping support Manila’s huge growth.

Rail tech focus: the compressed air innovations keeping our trains running.

Ask the rail industry: What’s your focus for the next 12 months?

It’s the Silk Road on Rails as first China-Iran freight train arrives.

Europe’s longest driverless metro line goes operational in Barcelona.

International Rail News Roundup (12th February 2016)

Passenger focus as Brightline to be first in the US to deploy retractable gap fillers.

SmartRail Speaks: Valentin Scinteie, Transportation Business Development Manager at Kontron.

February rail and metro tenders: who wants what and where?

Back to the future for New York as tram return planned after 60 years.

International Rail News Roundup (5th February 2016)

Free e-book: Ensuring Safety and Security on the US transit network.

Rail rush for $25bn of Iran opportunities as trade sanctions lifted.

Hola ERTMS! Expert consortium to install system on Spanish west coast.

Is Elon Musk's Hyperloop moving from science fiction to science fact?

International Rail News Roundup (29th January 2016)

Public Transit! Your Uber has arrived. Please proceed with caution.

'Chicagoland' commuters quick to embrace Ventra App mobile ticketing.

How virtual manufacturing is quickening production and lowering costs.

International Rail News Roundup (22nd January)

Rail predictive maintenance; success, first steps & lessons learned.

Who are the contenders for the huge new London Underground contract?

All aboard Kochi Metro! India’s latest network prepares for launch.

PTC, safety oversight & tank car change are all 'Most Wanted' by NTSB.

International Rail News Roundup (15th January)

This Japanese train station is kept open for just one passenger.

After 60+ years of talk, could Bogotá finally build its Metro network?

Driverless operations confirmed for a third line on Paris Metro.

What will New York’s new $3billion train station look like?

International Rail News Roundup (8th January)

Six key technology trends set to dominate rail and metro in 2016.

Double delight for Ansaldo STS as two major US contracts secured.

Asia's largest underground railway station opens for business.

New year brings new trains for Berlin S-Bahn as big contract signed.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at SmartRail!

What were the most read SmartRail World stories of 2015?

What was special about Friday 4th December for the London Underground?

International Rail News Roundup (18th December)

Smart CCTV to automatically detect risky situations on Sydney Rail Network.

$50m prize on offer to build the American Smart City of the future.

Japan edges China to secure lead role in India’s high-speed future.

International Rail News Roundup (11th December)

9 of the best, funniest and oddest rail commercials made for TV.

Free e-book: Eurasian rail and metro – seizing the opportunity.

"New efforts are essential …” rail, metro and the terrorist threat.

Beacons and apps ally to assist the vision impaired navigate stations.

International Rail News Roundup (4th December)

SmartRail Speaks: Laurent Cremer, Executive Director, OSPT Alliance.

Rail at COP21; have you taken the Railway Climate Responsibility Pledge?

Chinese predicts rail exports of $102bn by 2020 as Iran link proposed.

International Rail News Roundup (27th November)

Hackathon hunts for unconventional answers to classic rail challenges.

SmartRail Speaks: Pierre Gosset, Chief Technical Officer at SYSTRA

World's longest and deepest rail tunnel begins high-speed rail tests.

VIDEO: A first look at Bombardier’s new trains for London’s Crossrail.

International Rail News Roundup (20th November)

ASEAN rail boost as China and Thailand reach deal for new 873km line.

From night tube to nightmare. Where next for London’s 24 hour service?

11 dead following first fatal accident in high-speed TGV’s 34 year history.

International Rail News Roundup (13th November 2015)

Foreign investment flows into Indian rail as GE & Alstom deals booked.

Potential NY-DC Maglev line edges forward as FRA funds study.

156 cities have one but which is the world's busiest metro network?

International Rail News Roundup (6th November 2015)

World's first crowdfunded rail line on track to launch next year.

The key to unlocking hidden efficiencies in rail workforce planning.

100% refocus on rail for Alstom as €12.4bn energy division sold to GE.

The PTC deadline extension: the industry verdict.

International Rail News Roundup (30th October 2015)

Guinness World Record awarded to Doha Metro tunneling operations.

Turkish rail receives further boost with €13bn investment announced.

A sneak peek on-board the new Eurostar train; the e320.

International Rail News Roundup (23rd October 2015)

4G wireless coverage across Chicago subway network by end of 2015.

Free and exclusive magazine: Rail Asia

International Rail News Roundup (16th October 2015)

Americans feel the need... the need for High-Speed!

Is there life after rail? New uses for old stations.

International Rail News Roundup (9th October 2015)

Project focus: Eglinton Crosstown, Toronto (completion by 2020)

International Rail News Roundup (2nd October 2015)

Where next for the DART Underground project in Dublin?

SmartRail Speaks: Emanuele Di Liberto, Transportation Business Development Director at Alcatel-Lucent

How ‘Hacking the Rails’ is helping shake up the rail industry.

Panama Metro Line 2 on track as Alstom confirmed to lead consortium.

Do London Underground trains travel too fast for their own good?

International Rail News Roundup (25th September 2015)

Bombardier-led consortium secures €164m Spanish High-Speed rail deal.

No PTC extension = Metra shutdown after 31st December.

Revealed: the big numbers behind the UK rail industry.

Addis Ababa opens new light rail line; first in sub-Saharan Africa.

International Rail News Roundup (18th September 2015)

Chinese led-consortium to build LA to Las Vegas high-speed rail link.

Google turns focus on Wi-Fi connectivity for Indian rail passengers.

Swedish trains to use Big Data to predict and prevent future delays.

Expert focus: What is Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) ?

International Rail News Roundup (11th September 2015)

Free and on-demand videos now available for San Diego trolley commuters.

Free e-book - ASEAN Rail and Metro: Building for the Future.

Rail returns to Scottish Borders in longest new UK line in 100+ years.

Eco-locos are go as Norfolk Southern unveil new green rolling stock.

International Rail News Roundup (4th September 2015)

9 unique subway and metro maps from around the world.

SmartRail Speaks: Claudia Restrepo, General Manager, Medellín Metro.

Interactive new 360° video lets you explore Crossrail tunnels.

CBTC comes to Queens as New York line goes automated in $156m deal.

International Rail News Roundup (28th August 2015)

New digital telecoms platform for Australia’s 8500km freight network.

RESULTS: SmartRail signalling & train control survey 2015

VIDEO: L.A. Underground - Safety in the Extreme (1992)

International Rail News Roundup (21st August 2015)

Project Focus: Riyadh Metro (completion by 2019).

Are Amazon planning to use trains & metros as mobile pickup points?

Drunk Japanese rail passengers to be kept safe by smart CCTV system.

Istanbul transport boom continues as two new metro tenders open.

International Rail News Roundup (14th August 2015)

What next for Chinese signalling giant CRSC now it’s publicly listed?

Project Focus: Melbourne Metro Rail (construction begins 2018).

Belgian rail network to install ETCS Level 2 in €510m modernization.

International Rail News Roundup (7th August 2015)

Free e-book: Perspectives on US Rail: Opportunities and Challenges.

8 ASEAN rail projects giving the region a brighter transport future.

Milestone reached for uniquely designed biomass rail freight wagons.

Big data Vs big congestion… digitization to the rescue?

International Rail News Roundup (31st July 2015)

Video: Watch a 2000+ tonne Scottish rail bridge slide into place.

Winners announced for inaugural SmartRail USA Innovation Awards.

Record rolling stock order as 93 new trains head for MTR in Hong Kong.

Uber to partner with mass transit in Atlanta to cover "last mile."

International Rail News Roundup (24th July 2015)

VIDEO: The 100-year-old technology still running New York's subways.

Free White Paper: eLTE solutions for urban rail.

Mixed rail safety news as UK accident & fatality figures released.

€13.1 billion transport investment plan endorsed by EU states.

Commuters increasingly glued to electronics boosts ridership; report.

International Rail News Roundup (17th July 2015)

SmartRail Speaks: Frank Vacca, Chief Program Manager, California High-Speed Rail Authority.

With a year to go, Rio’s new rail network gears up for the Olympics.

Free e-book: Building the Digital Transport Network of the Future.

VIDEO: What does the future of high-speed rail look like?

International Rail News Roundup (10th July 2015)

Rail industry evolves but ‘skills gap’ remains a threat to growth.

Free Intelligence Report: Delivering Rail Projects in Asia.

Don't Frummage or Snoof! Irish Rail campaign calls out bad commuters.

African High-Speed rail moves a step closer as rolling stock arrives.

International Rail News Roundup (3rd July 2015)

SmartRail Speaks: Joseph C. Szabo, Executive Director, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP).

Google and FRA partner to tackle rising rail crossing accident rate.

CBTC commercialization boost as world's first LTE 4G pilot completed.

Russia turns to China for rail development as West renews sanctions.

International Rail News Roundup (26th June 2015)

SmartRail Speaks: Andrew Taylor, CEO of Nomad Digital.

Project focus: Caltrain’s Advanced Signal System Project - CBOSS PTC.