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A sneak peek on-board the new Eurostar train; the e320.

Posted by Luke Upton on Oct 26, 2015

New Eurostar:, the high-speed railway service linking Paris, Brussels and London will at the end of the year send its first new trains in 20 years into service. The new trains, designed by Italian design house, Pininfarina come with fresh new livery and unique features alongside several eco-friendly upgrades. Seventeen of the new trains have been engineered especially for Eurostar by Siemens. Built to a bespoke specification, they're compatible with the entire European high speed rail network, offering greater potential for further travel across Europe. Initially the e320s will run only on the London-Paris route, the line with the highest traffic, though being compatible with the latest signalling, control and train protection systems they will be able to run on parts of the European network that the current trains can’t. This will make it easy for trains to expand to other lines, like the soon to be launched London to Amsterdam route? So what else is going to be on-board? We take a look at just some of the new features…

Layout: The e320s will have 16 coaches (compared to 18) and 894 seats. Business Premier and Standard Premier coaches will be at the ends of the train to limit the number of people walking through them and to have dedicated galleys for each.

New seats will have a deeper recline allowing you to stretch out and gently slide back without encroaching on the space of the traveller behind you. The recline is deeper in Business Premier and Standard Premier seats. Extra storage and a slim-line table will give space to spread out and work or stretch out and snooze.

New Eurostar Interior : are ergonomically designed to give lumbar support and the seat cushion also extends, giving extra comfort to those with longer legs. Every seat will have a power socket with a mixture of Continental and UK plugs. Seats in Business Premier and Standard Premier also have their own USB socket. Business Premier and Standard Premier seats will have a pocket for your laptop and a handy cup holder, as well as a personal light, mirror and coat hook.

Digital displays will show which seats aren’t taken - just look out for the indicator above the seat before you switch.

Fold-down seats: The e320 will have 6 fold-down seats, although these won’t be available to book.

Solo seats: There will be more solo seats on our new train, with a total of 80 available to book.

Onboard screens: From train location and how fast it is travelling to special offers in the bar buffet, new screens throughout the train now show you everything you need to know on board.

Wi-Fi: There will be free Wi-Fi delivered using a 3G mobile network throughout the train, It will have multiple networks in each country, with no roaming charges for the traveller. Travellers can connect wherever there’s a signal each train will have an antennae on the roof to boost the signal. With the Wi-Fi portal travellers can access the portal on their own device and it’s all hosted on board, so you won’t need a live internet connection.

New Eurostar Buffet Car - The vestibules between coaches are more spacious, with new luggage racks and information screens and include touch-free glass doors between coaches open automatically –

Environmental impact:

  • Re-designed and re-engineered lighting for the trains giving more control over lighting, saving energy and letting daylight do the work while we’re above ground.
  • The new trains carry nearly 900 passengers. That’s 150 more than our current trains and twice as many as a jumbo jet. This means that they’re 17% more efficient per seat than before.
  • All of the trains’ noses are super sleek and aerodynamic to reduce energy consumption.
  • As well as giving the drivers special eco-driving training, the new trains are all fitted with high-tech energy meters and driver advisory systems to help them track and manage energy consumption en-route
  • Thinking ahead by making sure that fixtures and fittings like seat frames will be recyclable in the future. Recycling bins will be on-board, so we’re caring for the planet on every journey.

For more on the new trains visit this special Eurostar webpage:


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