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10 of the best (and most unusual) rail passenger information posters from around the world.

Posted by Luke Upton on Nov 21, 2014

TorontoRail and metro operators have long tried to influence their passenger behaviour, whether it be not holding the traindoors, dropping litter or being vigilant for criminal acts and the most popular way of communicating these messages have been through posters. The running of a network can be significantly disrupted by even minor passenger incidents. In London for example, according to figures from TfL in the Guardian there are on average 469 incidents involving litter leading to delays, with 81% caused by litter caught in train doors, while more than 1,000 passengers fell ill while travelling on the tube network. So even minor changes to passenger behaviour can make a major difference to service. Today SmartRail World Editor Luke Upton, runs down ten of the best, from the 1920s through to the present day. Let us know which one is your favourite or which we’ve missed ( and we’ll add them in! We start off with 1. Toronto Transit Commission, Canada, 2010. (Original image here) - top right. 


2. Paris Metro, 2012 (Original image here)

Translation - When she is speaking at 86 decilebls a secret does not remain a secret.  nothing confidential. Remain civil when travelling on the line. )




3. Toronto Transit Commission, Canada, 1950s. (Original image here)



4. Tokyo Metro (1976-1982)  (Original Image here)




5. New York Subway 1920s. (Original image here)





6. Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) 2012 (Original Image here)



7. First Capital Connect, UK, 2013 (View the original here)



8. Metro, Washington, DC, 2013 (View the orignal here)



9. Network Rail, UK, 2012 (See the original here)



10. Tokyo Metro, 2012 (See the original here)


Let us know which one is your favourite or which we’ve missed ( and we’ll add them in!

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Topics: Passenger Information Systems, quirky

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